Unmentioned in Joan Conrow’s much appreciated article (“Turtle Bay EIS,” Dec. 5) are the negative cultural impacts of the resort’s expansion plans. While the roads and wildlife suffer, the country lifestyle and Hawaiian heritage continue to be diluted and insulted. The offenses are both literal and symbolic, as Replay Resort destroys land, iwi and habitats, while simultaneously courting North Shore residents with re-branding rhetoric about recreating an ahupuaa setting and preserving Native Hawaiian culture. The State, known for bypassing cultural impact statements and community voices, recently superimposed windmills above the sacred Waimea Valley thanks to a partnership with First Wind. If Replay Resorts gets away with their plans, our Fabled North Shore community will finally become the postcard image of sustainable [and] profitable country life, quaintly framed [by] corporate developers.

Travis Hancock Sunset Beach, HI