Thank you to Honolulu Weekly and Donna L. Ching (“High Surf, Higher Stakes,” Dec. 12) for truly revealing ocean safety’s true hazards–low pay and lack of medical coverage.

Every summer contract lifeguards work 40 hrs/wk. Industrial injuries occur occasionally because of the physical nature of the job. If a CL files for a workman compensation injury this may hurt his/her chances of becoming a full-time permanent lifeugard.

However the job is 99 percent enjoyable, especially when hanging out and working with “da boys.”

P.S.–Much thanks for featuring some of the elder/veteran employees, some have since retired. Capt. Gary Lum was a contract lifeguard in the ‘70s.

Alan N Masuda Waianae, HI

Lifeguards need respect, the right pay, and definitely the support for the wonderful job, safety, and security they provide. Please support them!

“ecwahine” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

Well written and edited, well researched.

Niel Frazier Kailua, HI