This is a P.S. to my last letter to you (“GMO $ win,” Nov. 28) and an additional comment about the corruption existing in our City Council regarding the labeling of GMOs. In the article you guys wrote (“Council Dodge,” Dec. 5) there was some stuff not included.

When we got there to testify, Alicia Maluafiti, a Monsanto [supporter], was already there. As we were taking our seats she got a telephone call and left. Obviously, she was told the fix was in and there was no need for her to stay. Carol Fukunaga said she is in favor of labeling but left well before the vote. Ernie Martin received $8,000 in funds from Monsanto; Nestor Garcia, who will be working at the Kapolei Chamber of Commerce, knows full well that Monsanto funds them; Joey Manahan took funding from Monsanto as well when he was in the Legislature.

When Kimberly Pine, another Monsanto [supporter], ran against Tom Berg, polls that were short ballots sent people to [her] precinct to vote. So, even if not registered there they were told to vote for Pine. There was no way she could have won by 8,000 votes or so otherwise.

Hesh Goldstein, MSNutri

“Health Talk,” K-108 radio Honolulu, HI