Now that the elections are over, let’s hope that the following will be corrected:

1. The traffic signals as you enter Nanakuli all the way to Waianae are not synchronized properly. You leapfrog from one intersection to the next, especially during work quitting time.

2. There is work at Kahe medial strip with two people working, on a 50 sq. ft. section, yet the road from Koolina to Nanakuli is coned off to one lane only. Another traffic mess.

3. All pedestrian yellow and black signs installed at the crosswalks are incorrect, according to the motor vehicle licensing handbook.

There should be two black parallel lines at the bottom of the pedestrian sign which indicates there’s a crosswalk there. I teach driver’s ed also!

4. At the Kahe beach park, the yellow sirens for tsunami warning [are] facing the ocean, not the residential area.

Albert R. Mejia Waianae, HI

Earlier this year, crews were busy building what looked to be a much-needed bike/walking path along the makai side of Monsarrat as you leave Waikiki and head towards Diamond Head. However, work has apparently stopped while construction looks to be about half-complete.

Residents and many tourists make the walk up the hill to KCC weekly for the Farmers Market and to hike the Crater. A walking path is much needed. Why has work stopped?

Kyle B. Honolulu, HI