In the “Gimme Shelter” sub heading (“Neidless Marc-ups,” Dec. 5), I take issue with what is written therein. I am a huge supporter of De Occupy Honolulu, and find no humor with what has been written in that spot. It seems that you have no understanding of what we are all about. Let me say that one of the reasons we are there is to bring to light the very real war on the houseless community brought on by the City and County of Honolulu under the direction of Mayor Carlisle. With ordinances such as 11-029 (a.k.a. Bill 54), and 10-26, the city is making homelessness/houselessness a crime. At our encampment we try to help the houseless get housing, benefits (EBT, SSI), as well as [try] to address the economic state that we are currently facing. On Sunday afternoons from 3–7ish we have a Food not BOMBS event, complete with live music: [foodnotbombs.net].

De Occupy Honolulu is one of the greatest movements for social justice that I have ever been a part of. Come join us at Thomas Square in making this city a better and more equitable place for ALL PEOPLE!!

Michael Tada via [HonoluluWeekly.com]