Despite what the dealers say, tombo is only recently “usually frozen & CO’d [carbon monoxide]” (“Ahi poke: What’s the big ‘gassed’ deal,” Nov. 28). [It’s] almost never wild/local anymore–what you’re getting is caught somewhere else and frozen. The gas “to retain color” is a laugh–if you ever see local tombo, or remember when you used to see it, it had little color. How you know it’s gassed is the almost fluorescent, unnatural pinkish-red appearance.

And yes, the taste is supposedly unaltered, but taste some–it is definitely affected, with a bad, gassy taste.

One more to look out for–the frozen fish that contains TSPP (Trisodiumpolyphosphate) “to retain moisture.” It sure does! A fillet [is submerged in salt] water until absorbs about a third-again of its weight, then [they] freeze and package it, [to] drain out when thawing.

Kamaki ‘Ulana Kailua, HI