HGEA has not represented Ocean Safety fairly (“High Surf, Higher Stakes,” Dec. 12). HGEA used to be HG “Employees” A, [but] has now become HG “Employers” A. HGEA has roughly 60 employees and 15,000 plus members. That’s a lot of money from dues paid twice a month by every member. They refuse to represent Ocean Safety members as a whole. It all goes back to the last “strike” that HGEA called. Ocean Safety employees are “essential workers” which means they cannot legally strike. What happens to Union dues and where [does] all the money go?

J.Lee via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

5,000 applicants for firefighters vs. 30 for lifeguards–that tells you which is the FAR more desirable job. Not just the pay, but the hours. One day on, one day OFF. Plus, firefighters grocery shop, cook and sleep on the job. And NO physical requalification tests? Too cool.

“Ace” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]