Thank you Tom [City Councilmember Berg] for [exposing] some of the worst, most blatant deceptions of all time (“The Election: What Happened?” Nov. 28). Not only do the people not get heard on GMO labeling, they don’t get heard on the rail project, the spending of $5 million dollars for art at rail stations, and most recently the botched election process where 70 polling places run out of ballots.

Nothing will be done to correct any of these situations, and it is depressing to realize that the elected officials of this state could be that outwardly and boldly corrupt. I blame the people of Hawaii for not speaking up and holding those elected to a higher standard. The status quo is not only alive, it is becoming worse. The problem for you Tom is that you’re the only voice willing to tackle the tough questions. All the others are part of the problem.

“The Future is Bleek” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

Investigated? Nah! Fire the lot of ‘em. Guilty till proven innocent. After all they are politicians.

“Judge & Jury Making some noise” via [HonoluluWeekly.com]