The piece is actually an essay on self-publishing, not a stand-alone review of Ms. Sofos’s book–something I tried to be up front about in the article.

In Sofos’s words:

“Many local Japanese families have chain link fences and concrete everywhere, with the exception of a small area so their [dogs] can poop . . . Native Hawaiian families tend to always have one or two pit bulls wandering around the yard . . . and an old car in the front . . . The Chinese . . . almost never offer me anything to eat or drink. As [Filipinos] become wealthier, they go vertical and build second stories, with what I call ‘Imelda Marcos balconies’ . . .”

Sofos was the one to say “Hawaii’s own Bernie Madoff.”

James Cave

As with all Weekly reviews (food, entertainment, etc.), we give the writer latitude to express a considered opinion. When that opinion is negative, we require examples as to why, plus a counterbalancing attempt to find value. Mr. Cave’s review did both, and we stand by his and our right to guide our readers to worthy choices.

Mindy Pennybacker