Yes. Let’s have a conversation (“Good To Know,” Dec. 26). We have actually answered questions just like yours time and time again and again. Ward & Beretania. Or are you actually spewing your idiocy all the way from North Texas?

Do you really expect good research regarding DeOccupy Honolulu to come from our replies to your published ignorant assumptions? It looks like you don’t want to research the topic you would be meeting with me to discuss, so why would I waste my time? Get your lazy ass on Google. The lack of understanding you exemplify with your comments combined with your request for me to schedule time out of my day specifically to hold your hand thru “What is Occupy” is insulting . . .

The empty chairs are literally for folks like yourself to sit down and talk story. That’s kind of the very damn point–Hey, human, there’s humans over there, go talk to them before you make assumptions about them . . . Food Not Bombs. Every Sunday at 3pm. Best time to catch a lot of people is around 5 or 6 p.m.

Michael Broady Jr. via [HonoluluWeekly.com]

Accusing someone of “spewing idiocy all the way from North Texas,” publishing “ignorant assumptions,” [etc.] is hardly a way to invite someone to take part in community action. It doesn’t matter how noble your cause is: if this is how you approach people who are curious, but haven’t necessarily made the move to talk to someone physically AT Thomas Square Park, then perhaps we all need to step back at reevaluate what “community” means.

Full disclosure, I speak as someone who has studied the Deoccupy discussions online and has spoken to several people who have been involved with the movement in the past. And James Cave is a thoughtful and well-intentioned writer who simply does not deserve to be trashed online. Let’s all have a meeting about this, at Thomas Square Park. Feel free to email me. [email: marikaew].

Marika Emi via [HonoluluWeekly.com]