One man at a Public Land Development Corporation meeting said it best; “The PLDC is like selling a kidney to pay your hospital bill.” Here is my idea to raise money. State Auditor, Marion Higa, has just retired. There is not a single person in the state that doesn’t trust and respect her. Gov. Abercrombie should beg her to come back for a short while and give her and her hand-picked crew free reign to go through every department to root out every inefficiency and follow her directives to a T before we prostitute our public lands on the altar of privatization and cronyism.

If you think your comments will not be taken into consideration by the very legislators who voted for this abomination of a bill, donate now to Repeal the PLDC (attorneys Margery Bronster, Dan Hempey) at: PPK Legal Fund 4865G Nonou Road, Kapaa, HI 96746. More info: Google repeal PLDC.

Shannon Rudolph Holualoa, HI