This is a P.S. to my last letter to you (“GMO $ win,” Nov.

Unmentioned in Joan Conrow’s much appreciated article (“Turtle Bay EIS,” Dec. 5) are the negative cultural impacts of the resort’s expansion plans.

In the “Gimme Shelter” sub heading (“Neidless Marc-ups,” Dec. 5), I take issue with what is written therein.

Despite what the dealers say, tombo is only recently “usually frozen & CO’d [carbon monoxide]” (“Ahi poke: What’s the big ‘gassed’ deal,” Nov. 28).

Thank you Mr. Berg, for questioning the validity of this election (“The Election.

I hate that they (PLDC) can just do what ever they want and that it’s supposedly okay (“Take Back the Act,” Oct. 10).

This is absurd, and disappointing. (“[City] Council Dodge,” Dec.

[Apparently] these are the same guys that the PUC tossed out a while back (“Big bio-bucks,” Nov. 28), [saying that] their plan would have bilked hundreds of millions from rate payers.

Buy local. Eat fresh (“Ahi poke: What’s the big ‘gassed’ deal,” Nov.

Mahalo for saving Kukaniloko . .

Many Hawaiians will likely be looking for more vegan recipes and meatless meal ideas thanks to Tiffany Hervey’s informative article, “Meat: Less is More” (Nov. 21).

I agree, something smells fishy with this whole election (“Vanished Votes,” Nov. 21) and Honolulu is DOOMED!

Now that the elections are over, let’s hope that the following will be corrected: 1. The traffic signals as you enter Nanakuli all the way to Waianae are not synchronized properly.

I just don’t get it. From all points, the Omidyars appear to be culturally and globally sensitive.

I have loved Mark [Norseth]’s (“Natural Subjects,” Nov. 21) work for years.

Go Melissa [May White]! (“In Her Words,” Nov.

Foodie Awesomeness Guaranteed!! (“Tastebud Trek,” Oct.

Foodie Awesomeness Guaranteed!! (“Tastebud Trek,” Oct.

So, Caldwell won. Congratulations.

“Groups suggest solutions to fix voter problems,” in USA Today (Nov. 7) made Hawaii residents wonder why there was no national coverage of Honolulu leading the nation with voter fraud, when 70 polling places ran short or ran out of paper ballots.

Monsanto and the others that only see people as dollar signs wasted little time telling the world that Prop 37 in California was defeated. Monsanto and their cronies cashed up $47 million whereas [proponents] cashed up $9 million.

Most architects (“Architecture Matters Now,” Nov. 14) don’t consider new building proposals within the context of their surrounding buildings, landscape and pedestrian environs.

HART announced that it plans to buy 63 properties in 2013 for the Rail project. Although Mufi brown-nosed on KITV for a position in Caldwell’s inner circle, should a miracle happen and DOTS Director Yoshioka be replaced by someone with actual transportation experience, [these purchases] can be avoided!

I know what’s really killing the world’s oceans at an unprecedented rate (“Fishanthrope,” Nov. 14).

In our Nov. 14 issue, Peter Shepard Cole’s byline was mistakenly omitted from “Natural Subjects,” as was the mention of newly elected State Senator Russell Ruderman.

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