Vanished votes

Many people in Hawaii were happy that Obama won but did not realize how crooked our local election for Mayor was. Big money PRP spent over $3 million on attack ads and phone calls to all homes with lies about big Ben [Cayetano].

Good boy book

I hope Mutual has already sent this novel [Chris McKinney’s Boi No Good, featured in “Buke Too Damn Good,” Nov. 7] to the Pulitzer board–an absolutely stunning work of art.

Order ahead

Thanks so much for the review of my novel Aloha, Lady Blue. [“Hardbitten Hawaii,” Nov.

GMO no contest

I am completely against all GMOs in Hawai’i [“Biotech Bid,” Nov. 7].

Fab Fringe

Went to the Fringe last night [“A Binge of Fringe,” Nov. 7] and it was awesome.

Bought election

Sixty years ago, big money in the form of Hawaii’s Big Five corporations completely controlled Hawaii’s political, economic and social structure. Then in the 1954 election, for the first time, a majority of Democrats were elected to Hawaii’s territorial legislature.

Hello, Rail

Dillingham Plaza and the next door hair salon have closed down [“Defend Dillingham,” Oct. 31]; right across, there is a 7-Eleven and St.

Winning issues

Mahalo Joan [“OHA Hot Seat,” Oct. 31] and the Weekly for putting us [candidates] all in the spotlight.

Bus betta

Re: Tom Luna’s letter [“More Transportation Woes,” Oct. 17] From what I can see from the combined maps of Lines 4 and 13, if you are starting from Kuhio Avenue, you only need to take the 13 bus to go to the Manoa campus where the 4 still stops.

Give them a break

[In] Jason Ono’s letter [“Do the panic,” Nov. 7], he accused Civil Defense and newscasters of having “blood on their hands” in their respective ordering and reporting of tsunami evacuations on Oct.


In last week’s Winter Books issue [Nov. 7], we inadvertently left off Wanda Adams’ byline on “Breaking Bad, Island-style.” Any item that got cut off can be seen in full on our website.

Bike along

I wonder what the folks at Eki Cyclery [“Defend Dillingham,” Oct. 31] think about Caldwell’s plan to link bike paths to the rail stations along the 20 mile route.

Stop lying!

Newspapers should improve the quality of life by providing accurate information, without bias. It upsets me to see how the Star-Advertiser publishes lies about Cayetano, recommends who to vote for, and sometimes shows the bias of the good old boy system (Dan Inouye’s).

PRP Partnerships

I asked Mayor Peter Carlisle and former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell to disavow and repudiate the PRP TV ads during the Primary Election. Neither did.

More than Rail

To characterize Ben Cayetano as a one-issue (rail) candidate [was] both inaccurate and shortsighted. Cayetano [was] running for mayor because he is concerned about the impact not only on public transportation but also on other vital city services and the environment.

In the meantime

With all the arguments about rail versus rapid transit buses, I have not seen any mention of what commuters are expected to do while the public transportation system is being constructed. It is estimated that the rail project will take at least nine years.

An outsider’s view

I have been to Honolulu twice. It is an awesome place but the traffic is horrible.

Monsanto funds

On Nov. 14 there may be another GMO labeling hearing by the City Council.

Do the panic

The tsunami evacuation on Saturday was farcical, uncalled for . .

Hawaii is for tourists

I wish to express my disappointment with whoever is responsible for putting windmill generators along the ridge of Waimea Canyon and my astonishment with the Haleiwa community for approving this. We rent a beach house every October in Haleiwa.


In “Co-opting Country” [Oct. 31], the plan is for 1,200 new homes (not hotel rooms) to be built on State designated Ag land in Malaekahana.

Smear campaign

I see that Kirk Caldwell is calling Ben Cayetano’s transit plan a half-baked scheme. You’re the one with the half-baked scheme, Kirk.

Vote against the lies

Caldwell and Cayetano have been campaigning since January…We’ve had a primary in August and there’s been a ton of polls along the way to confirm the sameness in voter support. [W]as there any revolutionary new information made available to us on the rail project in the past 30 days?

True Grit

Thank you, Justin Hahn [“Votes, Lies and Videotape,” Oct. 17] and the Honolulu Weekly!

Last word: Vote!

Caldwell is making a lot of campaign promises such as fixing potholes, sewer lines, traffic problems . .

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