This article [“The Big Fix,” Oct. 17] should be mandatory reading.

No good deed

No good deed In Honolulu Weekly’s report on my Marshall Islands documentary film Nuclear Savage [“Films to Try Our Souls,” Oct. 10], you mention the “poisoned people after 67 detonations,” and say that Hawaii is now “the first and last stop of Marshall Islanders thanks to unfettered immigration and free healthcare.” You add that my film “explains why, like it or not, our island fates are now intertwined.” [T]he entire Marshall Islands archipelago was contaminated with fallout from U.S.

Nuked Hawaii

Good article [“Waste Not,” Oct. 17].

I’m not paying

The Hawaii Supreme Court’s unanimous decision halted rail construction due to violation of State Historic Preservation Division rules. Does this injunction apply to the further letting of contracts for which we, the taxpayers, will have to pay, as we are now doing for the illegally-issued, premature contracts?

No free ride

Today I received a leaflet ostensibly from Senator Inouye, but published by Pacific Resources Partnership, telling me to support Rail and Kirk Caldwell. [F]or Rail to have any chance of success, it must link the Kalihi and Alapai Transit Centers.

GMO Labeling bill

Great article, thank you [“GMO Transparency,” Oct. 3]!

Repeal inhumane Act

On Aug. 5, the 9th US Circuit Court [ruled]that no city is allowed to seize property, store it less than 90 days or destroy items without proper notification or due process.

Urban refreshment

Love this concept [“Lofty Business,” Oct. 10].

Great article

[“Downtown Lunchers Welcome Li’l Soul,” Oct. 10]!


The uncredited photo of Matt Kee in “Spin Zone,” Oct. 17, was taken by Peter Chiapperino.

No to GMO

No to GMO I commend the Weekly’s story on GMO Transparency [Sept. 26].

Cowardly hires

Our state legislators created the State Land Use Commission, Hawaii Community Development Authority, and the City Council’s Honolulu Authority for [Rapid] Transportation, appointing and/or retaining certain people to head these entities to “hide behind” so if and when anything goes wrong, these elected politicians can allege to the public that they are not directly responsible The most viable project, to benefit special interest groups, is the elevated fix rail project. Our city’s financial position is bad, and the billions it will cost will escalate over the years, bankrupting our C&C of Honolulu, before Hannemann’s and Caldwell’s original planned rail system from Kapolei to downtown Honolulu, to UH-Manoa and Waikiki is completed.

More transportation woes

I get the No. 93 express at 3pm at the Alapai Transit Center.

What she meant…

What she meant… [In] an article about Loading Zone, [“New Bricks On The Block,” Oct. 3] [I] was quoted about SoHo.


In last week’s Bar issue, the unlabeled photo on pg. 14 was taken by Joana Gonzalez of Serena, bartender at Downbeat Diner, one of the Weekly’s fave haunts, which provides a full bar and food menu 17 hours a day.

Right to Know

I just wanted to thank you for such an in-depth, researched, non-partisan article [“GMO Transparency,” Sept. 26].

Transit alternatives

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is “The Green Rail” [“Cayetano vs Caldwell: Who’s the real Eco-Candidate?,” Sept. 12].

Vote for truth

Kawaihao Iwi, Rail Iwi, the Natatorium, PLDC, Kakaako 650-ft. high-rise, Waikiki setbacks, exemptions, UH: How much more do we have to pay for honesty and transparency in our state?

’Ewa’s sacred ground

A major new ‘Ewa cultural survey done as part of the required rail project identification of Traditional Cultural Places–TCPs–documents the sacred Kanehili Leina a ka Uhane. It is as important as the City of Refuge.

City should atone

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day in Judaism, began Tue., Sept. 25, at sundown.

Settling for less

Syngenta? Kauai?

UH priorities

I feel bad for the guy whose degree requirements changed [“Timely Grads,” Sept. 12].

Bird Resurge

Sadly, the wildlife in my island of Jersey, British Isles, is not faring so well [“Fence Me In,” Aug. 29] and we look upon such measures as an answer.


The photos of attendees at a Public Land Development Corporation hearing [“Grassroots vs. Fasttracks,” Sept.

Minority matters

Regarding [Former Gov. Linda] Lingle’s remarks about being part of the Republican Jewish Coalition supporting Romney: Almost 80 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama in 2008–for good reason, seeing the prejudice coming from the Republican side.

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