Hawaiian Springs Chairman Hadley [in his letter, Sept. 26] makes several good points about his firm’s corporate citizenship, including support for community charities, and about Hawaii’s bottle return figures at 77 percent.

First, I am sorry for your financial woes, the bane of all alternative newspapers. I for one would pay for your paper, if only for the brilliancy of This Modern World.

Don Wallace says it is time for Hawai’i voters to demand the truth [“Media Watch,” Sept. 19], but doesn’t tell voters how to identify truth from the kukae flung at them during election season.

Maybe they [“Thirst Friday,” Sept. 19] should focus on the meth and prostitution problems instead of the only thing that brings any business at all into a historic neighborhood?

We at Hawaiian Springs take offense to Honolulu Weekly’s cover story titled, “Bottled Water: A Drink Against Nature.” [Sept. 5] Despite your citing statistics and predictions that indicate “drier than normal conditions…during the winter,” Hawaiian Springs water is sourced from an aquifer that captures approximately 200 inches of rainwater per year and recharges at a rate of 117 million gallons per day [gpd], while we bottle only about 16,000 gpd.

Tom Coffman’s analysis of the environmental record of each candidate [“Cayetano vs Caldwell: Who’s the real Eco-Candidate?”, Sept. 12] was informative.

The main lesson to learn from the rail project [“Rail Broke Burial Rules,” August 29] is the same lesson the people keep trying to teach politicians over and over (i.e. Superferry, geothermal, telescopes, roads, harbors, suburbs, etc.).

$1 billion = $1,000 million. TheBus cost =$181 million/yr.

My City Council district has been reapportioned from District 6 to District 5. Out of curiosity, I called the City Clerk’s election office and was told that because I was in District 6 at the time Tulsi Gabbard was elected, I will be able to vote for a candidate for the special District 6 City Council seat.

The assumption that a student should complete degree requirements in four years to graduate “on time” doesn’t make sense. [“Timely Grad,” Sept.

In the lead up to the last primary election, I was burdened with a constant influx of political mailings not only for myself but all registered voters in the household. After contacting the office to request removal, I received an “Affidavit for Application for Confidential Voter Registration” to sign and return.

I read your recent article on “Bottled Water: A Drink Against Nature” [September 5] with interest. Regarding your listed eight points against bottled water in Hawaii, I would like to reinforce the first point of “Dry Facts.” The HRI (Hawaii Rainfall Index, Chu and Chen, 2005, Journal of Climate, 18, 4796-4812) [has declined] over the last 30 years or so.

Alan Wong’s pastry chef Michelle Karr Ueoka’s name was misspelled in the Sept. 12-18 Weekly; we regret the error.

My friends and I put together tons of shows that might get a mention in the calendar, but it’s silly to have a weekly paper that barely scrapes the surface of the DIY scene. People go completely nuts at our shows and there are bands representing styles and genres popping up every day.

We do our best to include as many events as possible in the calendar, but submissions need to come to us three weeks in advance. Many event planners don’t contact us until we’ve already gone to press.

The premise is simple…conservation is better than draconian solutions. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can’t.

I am writing to correct information that was not included in Honolulu Weekly. “Hawaii State Legislature Election” [August 12] by Matthew Kain states that “Fukunaga was among the introducers of SB755.” “Hawaii State Legislature” [Aug.

As to the Aug. 1 yes-voting association with SB755, my most sincere apologies.

Fantastic work, Lindsay and Eric [“Fence Me In,” Aug. 29].

Think back to when you bought your first car, boat or motorcycle. What does the salesman say?

Today, my wife arrived at the McCully bus stop at 7:50am to catch the 7:54am A Bus. Many students were already waiting there for a long time.

The State Public Land Development Corporation, under the auspices of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, wants to be able to invest tax dollars in private, select companies that could go belly up and have taxpayers stuck with the bill.

I reached out to Ms. Hirono in May of this year to ask for her help with an issue for my son who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.

In our cover story “HI on Ice (Cream)”, we misattributed a quote from Ono Pops COO and Executive Chef Josh Lanthier-Welch

In “Best Food & Drink,” we misspelled Downtown Coffee owner Fred Hokada’s last name as “Itokata.” We also inadvertently left out our Editor’s Pick of Honolulu Burger Co. as the best burger restaurant in town.

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