Food & Drink

Food & Drink / Opened: Thai Herb Kitchen. Thai food, by way of Japan, served in cute and bright environs, in the former A Taste of the Bayou space.

740 Kapahulu Ave., 735-7878

Opened: Not Just Desserts. A recent menu included seafood caprese and salmon and quinoa for the not just dessert offerings; for dessert, banana passionfruit cake and red velvet cake.

110 Marin Ln., 489-3749

Opened: Tenyaku, Asian yakiniku.

1108 Keeaumoku St., 593-8281

Ciao to A Latta Gelata: Gelato maker and scooper Chris Murai closes A Latta Gelata.

Cow share: Slow Food Oahu is putting together another Molokai grass-fed beef order this week. There are still a couple of portions available. Each 1/8 of a cow order consists of roughly 25 pounds of ground beef and 25 pounds of steaks, roasts and other cuts. Delivery will be in February in lower Nuuanu. For more information contact [email: laurie]

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