Food News

Restaurant Week: Grind and dine on discounted meals and selections from specialty menus designed just for Hawaii’s 4th Annual Restaurant Week: Monday, Nov. 14–Sunday, Nov. 20. Score deals on places you’ve always wanted to try: BLT Steak, Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas, Nobu Waikiki, Roy’s, Stage, The Pineapple Room and many more. Sigh… If only Restaurant Week was Every Week.

For designated times, participating restaurants, locations and menu listings, visit []

Closed due to APEC activity: Home Bar and Grill (through 11/13); Morimoto Waikiki (through 11/13); Town (through 11/12); Alan Wong’s (through 11/12); and Fort Street Mall People’s Open Market (through 11/18).

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