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Moths Alert In hopes to biologically control toxic fireweed, which plagues Hawaii livestock, entomologists have begun to ramp up the growth of the Madagascan fireweed moth, a species whose larvae feeds upon the weed. Gaining federal approval on Dec. 6, researchers are hoping to release more than one million moths next year.

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IRT Charity Institute for Responsible Technology is asking for donations to build momentum toward supporting awareness of GMOs. Donations will be directed toward translating a documentary by Jeffrey Smith, Genetic Roulette–The Gamble of Our Lives, and also to support efforts in introducing bills for labeling GMO produce.

Check-Out Hunger Until Jan. 16, shoppers at participating supermarkets–Don Quijote, Kokua Market, Safeway, Tamura’s and Times–can help out Hawaii Foodbank’s 19th Annual “Check-Out Hunger” holiday program. Donations are made in three amounts: $2.81, $12.43 and $16.84, which each sponsor different amounts of food.

A Rumor Waipahu-based, Hawaiian food-serving Highway Inn has just snagged a lease for a new Kakaako location. Their 64-year old menu highlights local favorites such as poke, chicken long rice and kalua pig, as well as plate lunch staples including pork chops and loco moco.

Highway Inn, 94-226 Leoku St., open Mon.–Sat., 9am–8pm, Sun., 11am–2pm, 677-4345

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