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Dayle Schear

Dayle Schear gets personal


Sat, Jan 24

Dayle Schear / Internationally-acclaimed psychic Dayle Schear is credited with solving numerous criminal cases including murders, missing persons and stolen property. Her resumé includes working with the U.S. government to hone her psychic abilities, authoring a book and multiple television appearances. She’s wowed audiences in Hawaii and around the world with her insights. This Saturday, she takes her act to Turtle Bay Resort, but first she took some time to chat with the Weekly.

At what point did you start to feel like you had psychic abilities?

I’m a natural-born psychic. It’s genetic and runs in my whole family. Realizing that I had something, that [was] the hard part, doll. I was born in New Jersey, and what happened was my parents owned a little luncheonette and I used to play this game I called buried treasure. As I was growing up, I was playing buried treasure and I found about $1,000 in the dirt. I brought it in to my mom and she said, “Where did you get this?” and I told her but she didn’t believe me. And finally they called the police and it turned out someone was stealing from the store and burying it back there. I was tracking without knowing it. In the same area, I tracked someone stealing my bicycle. It disappeared and I found it about four miles from my house.

How do your skills manifest themselves? Do you get a feeling, see visions, sense presences?

It’s a feeling.

Describe what it’s like.

If I could describe it, we’d be worth millions, doll. It’s just that I start getting obsessed with something and there is no explanation or reason for it. It’s like if there’s a horrible storm coming, I will get obsessed with buying groceries. And I don’t know why I am obsessed but three days later there’ll be a storm. I’ll just be spacing out and I get the urge that I have to do this particular thing.

How else besides groceries?

I’ve done TV and I was working on the show Sightings, and we went to Boston to do the Lizzie Borden case in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Oh, Lizzie Borden. That is scary stuff.

Never again. I’m telling you, never again. Anyway, what had happened [was that] I had a miscarriage 30 years prior. And at the time, the doctor would not give me a blood transfusion. I begged him and he wouldn’t do it. He said there was bad blood going around. It turned out that it was the beginnings of AIDS and that’s why he didn’t give me the blood. He saved my life. I was always looking for this guy subconsciously. So 30 years later, in Fall River, I mentioned to the lady at the inn where I was staying that I was from [Lake] Tahoe and there was this doctor there and she said he was also from Tahoe. It turned out, he was the exact same doctor who saved my life. Thirty years later and I’d been looking for him all along. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. All the time. Synchronicity. Wild things.

So you give readings.

I either do it in person or by phone. By phone I’ve been able to find missing people, lost jewelry, lost dogs by phone. It’s just as accurate by phone as it is in person and actually sometimes more accurate because I really tap into the voice. Facial expressions aren’t there to take away from it.

What do you need in order to have a successful reading?

I don’t need anything. If it’s over the phone, I sometimes have them e-mail me a picture of whoever they want me to look at.

You must never lose your keys, then.

I can’t find squat. You can’t see through yourself as a psychic. I am constantly losing things. I couldn’t find my keys for a million dollars.

So do you go to other psychics for readings?

Of course.

How do you know who to pick?

It’s a knowing feeling. One day I was going up to the pineapple stands near my house and I knew the lady there was psychic when I met her. It takes one to know one. I said, “You’re psychic, yeah?” and she said “Yeah, but I don’t like to use it.” Those are the best to go to because they aren’t doing it to make money. It’s more pure. I don’t charge much and I don’t want to because I love Hawaii and I love the people and we’re all hurting right now. Not like some people, like Sylvia Browne charges $700 or $1,000 dollars. I’ll sometimes do donations on people who are missing because I don’t like to take blood money. I’ll also do it for the ones who really can’t afford it. I like to do shows because then everyone can come out.

I understand you’ve trained with some pretty incredible people.

I worked with Peter Hurkos, who brought me to the U.S. government. I trained with Naval Intelligence in North Carolina. That was mostly just finessing what I already had. I had to go under hypnosis so they could see what I saw in the future, what I saw in the White House, see what was happening at the time with the president, things I shouldn’t have known but that they could confirm it was true. Some of the stuff I said to them under hypnosis is just happening now and this was in the ’80s.

Like what?

That the world would be using geothermal energy. I had no idea what that was or what it meant. The word just came to me. Also that there would be very bad weather, that a lot of people would live underground, all kinds of things.

So if you already had these skills, what did the government do for you, training-wise?

They taught me how to get better. They taught me how to feel vibrations from clothing. Everyone has an energy so like if someone is missing, you take a piece of their clothing and you can feel their energy, and it helps you find them.

Tell me about this show coming up at Turtle Bay?

This show that I’m doing is very important because the world is in such bad place. My forte is the future and that’s something I’ll focus on with people. This show is about three or four hours long and we also have an aura camera, which is a $10,000 machine and can read people’s auras.

Anything else you want to add?

I’ve done shows in London, I’ve done shows in Paris. People are the same all over the world. We’re feeling the same things, thinking the same thoughts, it just comes out in different languages.

Kuilima Ballroom, Turtle Bay Resort, 57-091 Kamehameha Hwy., Sat 1/24, 7pm, $28, 293-6000