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Grammy award-winning Jason Mraz performs at the Waikiki Shell on Sunday

Jason Mraz, best known for his billboard breaker, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal things, is coming back to Oahu for one final stop before preparing for his biggest North American tour to date, which launches later this summer. Kalani Wilhelm gets to the bottom of Mraz’s current record–Love is a Four Letter Word–his creative process and…ketchup?

What has been your single biggest accomplishment in music thus far?

Launching the Jason Mraz foundation. It wasn’t long ago that I couldn’t afford my rent, and today there’s a special account that can only be used to help others, and that’s all thanks to music.

Can you share some of your personal highlights and experiences with the people/culture of your Asian tour?

Asian cultures are very gracious and generous, at least in the way a musician is received by fans. There’s a lot of bowing and gift giving, signs of gratitude and welcome that you don’t often see in Western culture.

I hear you carry a journal with you. What was your last journal entree about?

I mostly write down my dreams, which are action packed adventures or mysteries; full of weird characters and bizarre scenarios.

What are some other of your favorite four-letter words?

Mraz. Surf. Tour. Five.

What excites you most about life right now?

Ketchup. When I was last home, I put in a new garden specifically to grow the ingredients I’d need to make my own homemade spicy ketchup: tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc. Everything is on a timer and while I’ve been gone I’ve been getting progress reports from my roommates that the new crop is thriving! We’re hoping to jar our first batch of locally grown, organic, “Buckwilde Catsup” in late July–just in time for the summer tour!

When are you at your creative best?

I strive to be at my creative best when I’m onstage, constantly searching for new ways to share a collection of songs, intertwining them with stories and musical segues. I try to make it new and little different each night.

Have you got to hit the surf much lately?

It’s been about a month since I’ve been in the water. The last time I was in Hawaii we stayed a few days at Waikiki, which I loved, simply because I didn’t have to drive anywhere! I could walk right out the back of the hotel and paddle out to a generous and easy wave.

Waikiki Shell, 2805 Monsarrat Ave., Sun., 7/1, $45+, gates open at 5pm, show begins at 6:30pm, [ticketmaster.com], 877-870-3674