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Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell / With her bleached, spiky blond hair, Anne Burrell is Food Network’s female version of Guy Fieri. She has her own series, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and co-hosts Worst Cooks in America, which puts home cooks through culinary bootcamp.


KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance

KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance / A 26-story condo/hotel proposed by Kyo-ya Hotels and Resorts for the lot between the old Moana Hotel and Kuhio Beach Park will be the target of a grassroots protest organized by KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance. The public is invited.


Rep. Derek Kawakami

Rep. Derek Kawakami / Rep. Derek Kawakami was appointed by Governor Abercrombie earlier this month to serve as the replacement for former Rep.

Drew Astolfi is the state director of Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE) Hawaii–a grassroots, faith-based organization founded in 1996 to work on social issues in our community. Its statewide membership reflects Hawaii’s cultural and socio-economic diversity.


Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin / Hide your Bristols, comedian Kathy Griffin’s coming and no celebrity encounter is left on the mainland. The Weekly had a hard-hitting conversation with the comedian about her tabloid-style humor–and went on some pop-culture tangents along the way.

Food & Drink

Henry “Hank” Adaniya

Henry “Hank” Adaniya / Before he became famous for his gourmet hotdogs, Henry “Hank” Adaniya was renowned for his cutting-edge restaurant, Trio, in Evanston, Ill. Though it’s since closed, Trio was credited with launching the career of several chefs who went on to win James Beard Awards.



Mo’Nique / Start with five seasons of the UPN hit The Parkers. Add success as a standup comedian and best-selling author.


Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne / Sylvia Browne is a New York Times bestselling author and a celebrity psychic who will soon be lecturing at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. Her latest book, Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, is making headlines and causing a stir among non-believers.


The English Beat
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The English Beat / Originally from the UK, The English Beat formed in the midst of a social and political uprising that set into motion the epochal punk revolution. The Weekly spoke with lead vocalist Dave Wakeling before he arrived in Hawaii.

Food & Drink

Michael Dimock

Michael Dimock / Recently, Michael Dimock, president of Roots of Change (ROC) in California, met with some of Hawaii’s administrators and organizations involved in agriculture and food, such as Russell Kokubun, chairman of the Board of Agriculture. ROC works to develop a network of leaders and organizations interested in establishing a sustainable food system in California by 2030, connecting food producers with funders, businesses, environmentalists, nonprofits and institutions.

Kumu Kahua Theater

Kumu Kahua Theater

Kumu Kahua Theater / After decades of providing original local plays to the Islands, Kumu Kahua Theatre recently announced that the Lee Tonouchi-penned Da Kine Space may be its last production ever. Artistic director Harry S.


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Film / A few years ago, the most notable film feature on Hawaii-based Talk Story Productions’ resume was a SyFy Channel movie of the week, Tyrannosaurus Azteca. That changed when director Julie Taymor came calling with her adaptation of The Tempest.



Concerts / Adorable. For an artist that has shredded on the guitar with the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson and Carlos Santana, that’s the last word one would think of to describe Orianthi.

food & Drink

Michael Voltaggio / Last week, Season 6 Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio came to Hawaii…not to cook, but to check out the Waikiki Edition and to vacation, which for a chef means a lot of eating. The Weekly caught up with him at an event at the Edition to ask for his thoughts on his first Hawaii visit, his new obsession with Leonard’s and life after Top Chef.



Kariel / No, this is not a cartoon character about to burst into song with a crab from Trinidad and a pre-pubescent tropical fish. This is Kariel, a blond Oregonian transplant who’s got a Model Mayhem profile and teaches aquarobics classes at the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa at Ko Olina–all in her mermaid tail.


Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg / In 1971, Pentagon consultant Daniel Ellsberg leaked 7,000 pages of documents on the Vietnam War to the New York Times. The documents revealed that at least two successive presidents–Kennedy and Johnson–had obscured the reality of the conflict in Vietnam and led to further erosion of the public’s support for the war and, more critically, to further erosion of the public’s confidence in government.


7th Annual GiRL FeST Hawaii
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7th Annual GiRL FeST Hawaii / Kathy Xian’s 7th Annual GiRL FeST Hawaii begins this week and the lineup for the multimedia art festival and conference to prevent violence against women and girls through education and art is awe-inspiring. There will be the island premiere of the film Salt of This Sea, a drama about a Palestinian woman in Brooklyn who travels to her home country.


Frances Moore Lappé

Frances Moore Lappé / Forty years ago, before the ideas of eating with a smaller carbon footprint and eschewing factory-farmed beef were en vogue, Frances Moore Lappé wrote Diet for a Small Planet, a book that exposed the excessive waste in the grain-fed meat industry and championed instead a plant-based diet. This book and her work since then garnered recognition around the world; Gourmet Magazine named Lappé among 25 people (including Thomas Jefferson, Upton Sinclair and Julia Child), whose work has changed the way America eats.


Tantra of the Tachikawa Ryu: Secret Sex Teachings of the Buddha

Tantra of the Tachikawa Ryu: Secret Sex Teachings of the Buddha / John Stevens’ Tantra of the Tachikawa Ryu: Secret Sex Teachings of the Buddha is a graphically sexual, arousing and entertaining tale of a young monk who learns the ways of tantra from the alluring Zen practitioner Lady Hotoke. The experience of writing the book gave Stevens, who lived in Japan for 35 years but now calls Oahu home, the energy and drive to conquer a life-threatening bout with diabetes.


Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert / After losing to Kris Allen on the eighth season of American Idol, Adam Lambert went on to record his smash debut album For Your Entertainment, spawning the hit single “Whataya Want From Me.” Before he arrives for his Blaisdell appearances, Lambert took time to speak to the Weekly about his sexual identity, his beach attire and that kissy performance on the American Music Awards. Happy 10/10/10.

Craig Watanabe

Craig Watanabe / Like many of the old-time coin dealers, Craig Watanabe, owner of Captain Cook Coin Co., believes that treasure hunting is the nature of a true collector’s being. He’s a wholesaler most of the time, but on rare occasions, Watanabe retails his coins at trade shows, collectible shows and conventions.

former US Representative Ed Case
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former US Representative Ed Case / Change seems finally to have arrived in Hawaii Democratic politics, and in a great irony, the standard bearer for intraparty reform, former US Rep. Ed Case, sat this cycle out.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Chef Masaharu Morimoto / Not that the opening of Morimoto Waikiki will need extra publicity, but is it too much to hope that it will open with a throwdown between Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa? Probably.

Rakaa Iriscience
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Rakaa Iriscience / Before the launch party for his first solo project, Crown of Thorns, at Don Ho’s, Rakaa Iriscience plans to relax, reconnect and pay respects to a dear friend. The Weekly caught up with the Dilated Peoples emcee, who grew up in Waimanalo and now lives in Los Angeles, to talk about creativity, living aloha in LA and his connection to Hawaii’s hip-hop scene.

Sebastian Junger on Restrepo
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Sebastian Junger on Restrepo / He’s still best-known for his gripping book The Perfect Storm, later made into a hit film starring Mark Wahlberg, but Sebastian Junger is one of the great combat journalists of his or any generation. He’s been reporting from Afghanistan longer than US troops have been fighting there, and has been on the receiving end of Taliban fire more times than he can count.

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