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Andy South

Andy South / Before you could say, “auf wiedersehen,” Hawaii’s own Andy South, local contestant on the upcoming season of Project Runway, was saying, “aloha” and heading to the Big Apple. South’s journey from Waianae to New York City is a Cinderella story in the making…only he’s designing the dress before midnight.


Gary Hooser
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Gary Hooser / The Weekly has been exploring the Democratic race for lieutenant governor. Up this week: Senate Majority Leader Gary Hooser.

Lyla Berg
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Lyla Berg / Honolulu Weekly has been talking to candidates for Lieutenant Governor–before the other races suck all of the oxygen out of the proverbial room. This week, we spoke with State Rep.

Brian Schatz

Brian Schatz / Before political season really heats up, we’re shining a light on the oft-ignored race for lieutenant governor. We begin with Brian Schatz, the former state legislator, congressional candidate and Democratic party chairman.

Pauly Shore
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Pauly Shore / The Pauly Shore you know best is the one with the blanket of springloaded curls, the silly slang-rich locution and that just-dare-me twinkle in his eye. A major haircut and 15 years later, Shore is still doing what he’s always done best: Making people laugh.

On the decks

DJ Neil Armstrong
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DJ Neil Armstrong / DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z’s official world tour DJ) took a break before his Saturday night set at Stage to talk with the Weekly about coming to Hawaii, Jay himself, and halo halo. That’s not your real name is it?


Mark Suiso of Mākaha Mangoes

Mark Suiso of Mākaha Mangoes / In case you couldn’t tell already, mango season is upon us, as manifested from Chinatown streets to farmers’ markets to highway shoulders to–if you’re lucky–your backyard tree. For Mark Suiso of Makaha Mangoes, mango season means not only keeping up with demand at Whole Foods and Alan Wong’s, but preaching the gospel of a mango tree in every backyard.

Comes with video

Director Quentin Lee’s HIFF hit The People I Slept With will be part of the closing night festivities at the Rainbow Film Festival. Joining him will be one of the stars from the movie, Wilson Cruz.

facing future by DAN KOIS

facing future by DAN KOIS / A film critic for the Washington Post has just published a book about one of the seminal albums in Hawaiian music history. How was this East coast native, who lived in Honolulu for just one year a decade ago, able to get inside the world of Israel Kamakawiwoole, from hanabata days to the Makaha Sons of Niihau to the making of Facing Future?

Fun With Problems

Fun With Problems / Robert Stone is a National Book Award-winning author of seven novels. A friend of celebrated local writer Ian MacMillan from his time at the University of Hawaii, Stone recently released Fun With Problems (Houghton Mifflin, 2010), his second collection of short stories.

On stage

David Spade

David Spade / What’s the biggest difference between a rookie and a veteran in stand-up comedy? You do it longer and there are more opportunities to do badly.

Blue Mars

Blue Mars / Jim Sink is the CEO of Avatar Reality, a locally–based gaming company. Its first game is Blue Mars, a 3D virtual world that will remind you of Second Life at first glance but aims to be the next generation of virtual worlds.

Comes with video

Cake / Nearly two decades and five studio albums since CAKE formed in 1991, the alternative rockers aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. The band, known for its distinctive vocals and blaring brass, kicks off its spring tour in Honolulu this weekend.


Charles Phan

Charles Phan / Charles Phan opened the original The Slanted Door in San Francisco’s Mission district–it has since moved to a more expansive location in the Ferry Building– in 1995. While Phan drew inspiration from other Bay Area restaurants’ food philosophies, he broke new ground in giving Vietnamese food a modern, upscale setting.

Karen Meech

Karen Meech / As a faculty member at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the leader of the UH branch of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, Karen Meech considers some of the biggest of the big questions. One of her main areas of interest is water, and how its presence makes planets conducive to life.

DJ Vice

DJ Vice / His residencies at lavish super nightclubs like Tao and Lavo make DJ Vice Las Vegas’ premier club DJ. An average of 300 shows a year proves that he not only has Sin City in the palm of his hand, but much of the world as well.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell / Dominatrixes, or doms, are the people in charge of whipping, scratching, nibbling, teasing, pinching, burning and cajoling willing participants at Alter Solum’s monthly BDSM event, Heaven and Hell. In short, they keep the party going.


Henry Curtis

Henry Curtis / Even if very few island residents have heard of it, government and industry insiders have known for decades that non-profit watchdog organization Life of the Land is among the very most persistent and effective advocates for a better environmental and energy policy. As the group celebrates 40 years of wonky activism, we spoke with Executive Director Henry Curtis about energy issues at the 2010 legislative session.

Terrance Ware

Terrance Ware / Terrance Ware took his post as Honolulu’s manager of transit-oriented development in September. Ware brings decades of experience in the field–a field that’s getting a lot of attention both locally and nationally these days–from his time in cities all over the country.

Hawaii’s sandalwood industry is long gone. Even sugar operations are a distant memory.

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight / Brian McKnight has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, has his own late night talk show and his own radio show. He plays nine instruments and has worked with a range of musicians from Stevie Wonder to Willie Nelson and everyone in between.

Dr. Lily Chung

Dr. Lily Chung / Earlier this week, the Weekly spoke with Dr. Lily Chung, a San Francisco-based Fung Shui practitioner and I Ching reader who is well-versed in the cosmic animals of Chinese astrology.

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird / The slow cadence of musician Andrew Bird’s commanding voice is enough to capture anyone’s attention from across the sea. In a phone interview with the Weekly from Hong Kong, where Bird is on his first musical tour of Asia, the respected multi-instrumentalist and whistler discussed the changing political and arts climate in Asia, and his own future musical endeavors, ahead of his first appearance in Hawaii.

John Butler is The Harold and Sandy NoborikawaDistinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Hawaii’s Shidler College of Business. We talked to him about the small business climate in Hawaii, how challenging it is and whether anything is changing. We hear so often that this is one of the worst places in the nation to do business.

Rep. Cynthia Thielen is one of a dozen legislators from across the nation meeting with top White House officials on renewable energy issues this week.

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