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Charcuterie in Honolulu

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Food & Drink / Kevin Hanney and Bob McGee of 12th Ave. Grill were among the chefs in attendance at Aidells’ charcuterie class.

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Local Cocktails with a Twist

Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara

Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara / It takes more than a tiki glass and an umbrella garnish to make a truly Hawaiian cocktail. Most cocktails that are considered Hawaiian–like the ubiquitous Mai Tai–were invented elsewhere and adopted onto menus here.

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Chocolate with a Conscience

Hawai‘i Chocolate Festival

Hawai‘i Chocolate Festival / Hawaii’s new wave of cacao entrepreneurs are geeks. They savor a single square of chocolate, murmuring about tree fruit notes, citrus, caramel and coffee.

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Roots of Change

Michael Dimock

Michael Dimock / Recently, Michael Dimock, president of Roots of Change (ROC) in California, met with some of Hawaii’s administrators and organizations involved in agriculture and food, such as Russell Kokubun, chairman of the Board of Agriculture. ROC works to develop a network of leaders and organizations interested in establishing a sustainable food system in California by 2030, connecting food producers with funders, businesses, environmentalists, nonprofits and institutions.

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Barbeque Round-Up

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Food & Drink / Barbeque is messy. Unpretentious.

The Story of Yogur Story

Yogur Story

Yogur Story / Yeah, we need another yogurt place like we need another frackin’ food truck. But it’s true.

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Home Brew

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Food & Drink / We locavores have it good in Hawaii. Not only do we benefit from a year-round growing season, but our unique climate and geography are ideal for crops that simply will not grow elsewhere in the United States.

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Bakehouse Rising

La Tour Bakehouse

La Tour Bakehouse / Thanh Quoc Lam shows me an article from 24 years ago, when his only business was a Ba-Le sandwich shop in Chinatown. He was 27 and had been living in the States for only seven years but he told the writer he would grow his business to be as big as Love’s Bakery, then the largest commercial bakery in the state.

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Taking a Dive–for the Better

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Food & Drink / Before you get the wrong idea, let’s get one thing straight from the start: “Dive bar” is not a pejorative term. Quite the contrary, actually.

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Wishin’, Hopin’ and Eatin’

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food & Drink / After a look back last week at food and drink in 2010, I couldn’t resist a look forward to 2011. What was initially intended as a trend prediction for the new year instead became a wish list.

Digesting 2010

What food editor can resist documenting the year’s food zeitgeist? Not this one.

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A Ship’s Green Bounty

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Food & Drink / The primary mission of the ship Kaimimoana is to collect and service weatherworn research buoys that help scientists predict El Niño- and La Niña-related ocean temperatures. But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) vessel also has become home to a new kind of research project.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Dinner


Makittii / Of course there’s a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant. I mean, for a character that appears on everything from pencils, skateboards and toasters, to–ahem–personal massagers, an eating establishment would be the next logical step.

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Fresh perfection

Food & Drink / Ask five locals where to get the best poke, and you’re likely to get five different answers. It’s not just a matter of loyalty or proximity; for a dish with just five ingredients (give or take one or two), there’s an incredible amount of variety in quality as well as style: Limu or no limu?

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More Moto

Morimoto Waikiki

Morimoto Waikiki / Dining at Morimoto Waikiki is as much about entertainment as it is about food. That’s appropriate, given that Masaharu Morimoto made his fame in the Iron Chef stadium.

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The Early Bird Gets the Tomato

KCC Farmers’ Market

KCC Farmers’ Market / Raymond Tam is buying a honeydew orchid. The plant extends large, round petals, white with pink centers, from its slender frame.

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Hawaii Quickfire Challenge

Michael Voltaggio / Last week, Season 6 Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio came to Hawaii…not to cook, but to check out the Waikiki Edition and to vacation, which for a chef means a lot of eating. The Weekly caught up with him at an event at the Edition to ask for his thoughts on his first Hawaii visit, his new obsession with Leonard’s and life after Top Chef.

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King of the pretty good?

Lobster King

Lobster King / When faced with an insanely popular restaurant, I ask myself the same questions: Is it popular because it’s good? Or, like the Cheesecake Factory, is it popular for, well, other reasons?

Dinner, with a side of typeface

“Food is so close to our emotional state,” says Justin Cravalho, co-founder of Humanhand, a design company whose clients include Otto Cake and Highway Inn. “We use it for so many different reasons–control, enjoyment, satisfaction…There’s something different about [designing for food companies].

After the art, a brief respite

Funny how feeding one’s mind often leads to a hunger in the belly. Case in point: museums.

Know thy pasta

From spaghetti and meatballs to tuna casserole to pasta salad, we really love our pasta. In part, it’s the easy preparation.


Food on the big screen

Hawai‘i International Film Festival
Comes with video

Hawai‘i International Film Festival / You don’t have to venture too far out in the world to know that love is not the only international language. Food is, too, which is why it’s so nice to see that this year’s Hawaii International Film Festival lineup is, ahem, peppered with flicks that boast a culinary bent.

Keeping local spirits high

Islands and rum go together like mai tais and puns (i.e., Mai Thai, Morimo-tai, Once Upon a Mai Thai). And yet, until recently, no company had taken advantage of Hawaii’s (albeit dwindling) sugar legacy to make the No.

Sausage part deux

Hank’s Haute Dogs

Hank’s Haute Dogs / The Weekly loves to party –especially with sausages. Back in June, we finagled our way into the Redondo’s factory [“Hawaiian winners,” 6/23] to get a glimpse of sausage factory workings.

Spirited dinners

It’s hard to ignore the rise of wine dinners. On any given week, chefs, sommeliers and diners are seeking the perfect zinfandel for their a lamb chop, the perfect pinot noir for their duck.

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