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Christian Mochizuki reminds me why I love music. His is virtually limitless.

Destination partying is definitely something I would recommend for anyone coming of age. Ibiza or Corfu were the hot spots to hit in my day, easily accessible by plane and with mega fun dance music playing all the time–a holiday package where all of your entertainment and leisure is pretty much decided and scheduled out for you?

A year ago, I cruised with Caleb Shinobi, in his eyepatch and Alexander McQueen platforms, at one of the first events then-promoter Andreas Counnas pulled off at Aloha Tower. Now, Counnas is set to open the next level in nightlife: The Sunset Room, and I am more excited about the giant lanai at this 7,000-square-foot space than the sound system and all of the headliners set to fly in for the first month!

Social Lite

Social Lite

Social Lite / Wait, we’re all still here? Hi!

Whatchu say, Oren J.? It’s this time of year that brings home so much talent and energy, and Shake & Pop at thirytyninehotel is usually the first place everyone congregates.

Last December, I struggled to pull together a huge end of the year party in a warehouse so big it felt like it was an airplane hangar. Bringing in risers for a DJ stage, having artists paint the walls and renting tables and chairs didn’t do much to make the place appear any smaller, and the amount of people I expected to come was considerably less than what it would take to fill the place.

Well, it’s now officially December, which makes ten years that I have lived in Honolulu. Ten years.

I’m not even sure what to do with myself after such a long holiday weekend. I usually try not to get too excited about having four days off in a row because I may/may not be a workaholic.

It’s true what they say. Love changes everything.

I’m so impressed with Fresh Café. Having grown up in Seattle, I’m no stranger to the cool, hip coffee shop/creative center.

When it comes to the nightlife, it seems like there are plenty of good motivators to get everyone out of their comfort zones and out the door; free stuff, DJs and music everyone knows, good-looking people and great parking all seem like golden carrots bright enough to bring anybody out, but more often than not Honolulu at night is the same scene, with the same crowd. Look at First Friday.

If there’s anything I would want to enunciate to you this week, it’s this: figure out who you are and be that. If you’re a little weird, it’s totally ok.

It’s time: Probably the greatest night out all year. I know I say that a lot, but I can’t think of any other night that induces as much laughing and pointing–well, besides any night when I tear up the dance floor.

You know what I love? I love busy.

I really like TheSafehouse. I like it so much that I almost don’t want to talk about it.

It’s great that there are so many networking events in Honolulu. People need to branch out.

Don’t go see a movie with me unless you are completely neurotic about being on time. That might mean sitting in a theater for twenty minutes before anything happens, but hey!

It’s perfect timing for our Fall Arts issue that we get called out by someone on our music coverage. I immediately thought back to a few months ago when I happened on a super sick show in a room filled with bright, young attentive fans.

Did anyone see BIKES@MARKS at First Friday last week? Wow, it was incredible.

Turns out The Girl Who Loves Everything might actually hates something. Gah, hate is a strong word; she severely dislikes something.

If I cared about looking/feeling like a grandma at an 18+ event I would have stopped going a long time ago. Truth is, my inner youth-o-phile is stronger than any self-consciousness about being the old lady in the room, or, in Saturday’s case, on the boat.

Congratulations to all of the “Best Of’” picks this week. I want to say my own thank you to all of the nightlife winners and runners-up here too, just in case there was any doubt how much I appreciate what you do.

Check it out [] Event promotors and writers with deadlines know this most: time runs away much faster than it should. Or maybe it’s just that August always seems to fly past, the last summer hurrah month, always turning in to Labor Day weekend, like that.

Wow. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this past’s was a weekend for the books.

When you get asked the same thing over and over it messes with your head sometimes. Let me be clear for the last time: no.

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