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“I went from vodka Red Bull to vodka soda to vodka water to sauvignon blanc,” my stylish writer friend was saying as she ordered an espresso at The Manifest on a Wednesday night before the music got too loud. It made all of us laugh because she was so right.

After years of receiving e-mails from an assortment of colorful individuals who reach out via my website, I have to say this past month has been the most rewarding. It’s not usually the case that I engage someone who is asking for help with random companies and such, but on a whim I decided to believe another “producer” that was “making a reality show in Hawaii.” At least this time it was a network I had actually heard of so I decided to help them out.

Electronic dance music (EDM) has come along nicely in the last decade. I remember ta dirty garage music sound I was into when I lived in the UK–a genre that’s since made love with some drum ‘n’ bass to conceive the beautiful hapa dubstep babies this new generation is having so much fun with.

One of the most significant things that will probably ever happen to me in my adult life happened this past weekend. I spent all of First Friday thinking about it and it might’ve even ruined my Saturday night because nothing really seemed that interesting or exciting afterwards.

My face still hurts from smiling all night last week watching Pro, K-LUV and Big Mox on the stage. Usually, at a show the ratio between watching people walk in the door, watching people dance and watching what’s happening on the stage for me is about 60-20-20.

I’m savoring these last few days of the year. Everyone is home, the energy is alive and so much more accepting because people are already happy, instead of looking for other people to make them happy.

Check it out [] [] If you’ve ever worked in sales the saying “Under promise, over deliver” has probably been uttered somewhere near your cubicle or in the pit. It’s a pretty good dictum to keep in mind when dealing with clients.

I remember when I used to live in Newquay we’d get so excited for the Association of Surfing Professionals to come to our little town. Cornwall, about 250 miles west of London, wasn’t the most eventful place to live, although we did appreciate the cider, the Manic Street Preachers, scones with clotted cream.

I love a good partnership in the nightlife. The best is when the people partnering up don’t have too much overlap in their reach.

Social Lite

Social Lite

Social Lite / With so many random celebrities and public figures being tagged “Style Icons” (Hayden Panettiere?), the actual meaning of the word has become somewhat irrelevant. Style Icons really depend on what your own personal style is.

Hello, winter. You’re pretty much my favorite time of year here.

I’m not going to lie, APEC was rough. Even after looking through all the road closures and following the multiple (and often redundant) APEC traffic Twitter accounts for rolling traffic updates, I found myself among the hundreds getting stuck more than once.

After many in the nightlife got to know the un-knowable Vane Russo and Nathan Nutter, they were taken from us, creating a void in both personal-style icons and late night where-to options when The Edition shut down. This past weekend the nightclub at The ModernHonolulu quietly opened its doors in preparation for the December 1st Grand Opening.

It was probably a blur, but if any of you had a chance to go inside thirtyninehotel these past few weeks, something might have felt different. The walls on the entire Ewa side are completely black.

Hype. I love that word.

Oh, Kakaako. It’s already happening I can feel it.

In a money-is-the-bottom-line world, the distractions needed to restore calm are almost always art or music for me. Investing the time needed to soak up culture comes and goes, but I can always appreciate the “in your face” approach some artists have taken to create discussion or force awareness and basically pull my head out of the foggy day-to-day.

The countdown to Hawaii International Film Festival has started! It’s in merely weeks!

I don’t try to deny it when someone says I hardly ever get out of Chinatown. They’re right.

Some of you might remember Kevin Koga. One of the earlier DJs at the Wave and Hula’s when they were both pretty much rocking the face off this island, he was also one of the many musicians that needed to get the hell out of here and see what the rest of the world was all about.

“Mark! Mark!

“I saw the whole thing,” I was telling the HPD officer in Fort Street Mall as a bloody villain was being put into an ambulance right behind us. I had spent the entire day in a holding pattern to tell the story and yes, I definitely saw the whole thing.

Welcome back to school, people in school. I would give you the spiel about how I barely notice what month it is save for you guys, but I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing that.

You know me, I love the Internet. I’m a serious lurker and don’t really try to hide it.

Sometimes when I’m out I want to grab random strangers that don’t look like they are having fun and shake them yelling “Cheer up! What did you even come out for!?!” Me?

This week