The underground masses around the world never fully recover when Donald Glaude–the creator, the producer, the ultimate party fuse–is at the helm of the party ship. Glaude’s emphatic fist pumps and facial expressions during his performances are an equal mix of joy and intensity.



DJs / Young, fresh and soaked in swag: DJ Lean Rock is a multi-talented DJ also known as an ad and fashion model and b-boy crewmember. As part of the world-renowned Floorlords b-boy crew, Lean Rock has subsequently traveled dance floors abroad with his devotion in pursuit of originality, but don’t think for a second that just because he can dance he’s a wannabe DJ.

The music, the mojo and the unwavering desire to take the scene beyond even the most optimistic expectations made DJ Soundsex the optimal choice for Honolulu Weekly Spin Zone DJ of the Year. Soundsex is wickedly good at pushing even the most frenzied crowd into overdrive.



DJs / His real name is Asaf Borgeer, but you can call him the Rated R superstar of dubstep, or simply by his DJ-producer alter-super ego: Borgore. Addicted to bass-heavy bangers, touring and worldly women, the Israeli wild child and his escapades have been closely documented, thanks to social media.

Get ready to dance your life away with a wide array of music offerings at Chinatown’s End of the World Block Party (see Web Exclusive[dead-or-alive]), specifically progressive house and techno marvel Alex Zelenka. As the head honcho of the Invisibles record label, Zelenka has a roster of more than 20 DJs and producers under his wings who have aided him in his quest to infect the world with thump music.

According to DJ Elite, technology doesn’t make the DJ. The veteran believes the name of the game is always dedication before fame.

Avid clubgoers, dance-happy ravers and local hip-hop heads are all familiar with the ill tendencies of DJ Technique. The nightlife is his comfort zone, surrounded by quick-tempo electro sounds and boom bap beats.

It’s easy to understand why the turntable skills of Jason Takahashi–aka DJ Jaytee–might be overlooked. He’s one of the most accomplished young entrepreneurs of style and promotions as the point man for the popular street fashion brand Good Life, but it’s his focus on progress that makes him a force to be reckoned with in the DJ world as well.

Before you get your gobble-gobble on, world-class trance maestro Gareth Emery will craft a groove utopia to kick off the extended party weekend. No electronic genre is off limits for the United Kingdom’s prodigal son.

“The Wizard” Brian Coxx rocks the decks Friday night as the dance groove spirits of Soulgasm New York City and Soulgasm Hawaii collide for a family affair in celebration of five years of snazzy moves and rock steady tunes produced the Soulgasm Hawaii way. Coxx is part of the funk-soul fabric of evolutionary Soulgasm NYC and is often regarded as a second generation torch-bearer–an East Coast pioneer in training, if you will–who specializes in the soulfully rich and sassy old school brand of underground house, blended to perfection.

Hypnotic groove addicts will surely find themselves adding up the dance floor miles this weekend when nocturnal beat supremacist Lee Foss returns to the island. Creative blends, not electronic trends, are Foss’ signature, which open-minded electronic music fans will latch onto with excitement and appreciation.

When in doubt of Honolulu’s electronica potential, take it from the man who has recently filled his party passport with gigs in Frankfurt and Vietnam, along with Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco on the regular–we’re on the brink of something big. “We are doing exactly what most big cities are doing, but we just have [fewer] people going out on a consistent basis,” says DJ Willis Haltom, co-owner of underground hotspot Asylum.

The ubiquitous Nick Yee–or as many know him, DJ Mr. Nick–is well-known for his abstract sound that encompasses the finer aspects of nu disco, funk, jazz and electro house.

There’s a fine line between being a predictable DJ and a consistent one. DJ Matt Kee has brought consistent gumption to all aspects of his organic, thrilling vibes.

For DJ Da Lion of Judah and his rise among the Latino dance community, bringing ferocity to the scene is merely the nature of the beast and element of the groove. Music, dance and culture are the suave operator’s mental make-up.

When it’s time to drop the beat, DJ Fathom’s adrenaline-pour process is easy to take in and hard to resist. The good-natured dude with the surefire edge has a habit of bending a groove his own way, far different from the normal dance groove template.

When it comes to combining the vision and art of a DJ without the infiltration of an ego, DJ Ill Phil is cut from a different cloth. File Phil’s drive under the letter “K” for keeping it creative as he steps into the video mixing and remixing arena shows.

They say the trends and styles of nightlife change about every five years. So the more than 30 years of work put in by James Coles in the music, radio and club game should be not just be acknowledged; it should be applauded.

Having played at more than 20 nightlife establishments on the island, video mix master and consummate pro DJ Blake has built his rep on skill more than fanfare or popularity. “As a DJ, these days, you’re only as good as the tools you have to complement your skills,” says the Kaneohe native.

Music provokes thoughts that later lead to movements–unabashed, beat-driven movements. Meet one of the stable forces in DJ and club land who was doing the EDM thing before it had such a distinctly corny title.

A Labor Day hell-raising sesh to be remembered is in store–it will undoubtedly be hard, real hard, and to the core. Sleeping through the holiday BBQ with the fam and friends will be extremely worth it if the Angerfist show is your excuse.

Honolulu is about to get outer-worldly with the anticipated return of the one and only Z-Trip. In his first visit back since getting local party-heads absolutely berserk at Love Fest in 2010, Z-Trip will prove that his contributions to and worth in the DJ scene still remain undeniable.

To the Republik for which it stands comes a music genius that hip hop turntablists and fans of music without boundaries can be proud of. One nation under God in killer beatism we trust.

DJs that swallow the stagnant pill, beware–Dee Wizzard might just leapfrog right over you, given the opportunity. He’s done such a good job in the career progression department that the moves he’s made over the last year make him one of the rising-est stars in the local DJ game today.

DJ Packo rules the realms of dubstep and turntablism in Hawaii as we know it. This Friday he welcomes Aquadust III: Apackolypse Now, the third and latest installment of face-nuking eardrum drudgery from the mind of the polished trickster.

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