Cut Chemist has always taken the science of beat-making and manipulation to far-fetched places of musical ingenuity. One listen to Brainfreeze, an album he conceptualized with DJ Shadow, should prove that flipping scripts is a Cut Chemist trademark.

MSTRKRFT proves that the use of vowels is utterly overrated and quirky minds can create awesome thump music. From their overall look right on down to their sound, the Canadian twosome, JFK and AL-P, somewhat play the role of anti-superstar DJ-producers while taking complete solace in the savage art of wrecking dance floors, crowds and stages.

Sure, straight and narrow DJs get it done. But those who stay ahead of the curve like Justin Martin get it done better.

Don’t let the purple dinosaur suit fool you: Mochipet’s tricked-out tunes of bass-knockin’ bravado have much to be desired. The gifted one’s musical color palette wouldn’t be a single color out of a Crayola box–it would be one of the crayon company’s popular spin-off products, Crayola Changeables, where the colors actually, uh, for lack of a better explanation, change color.

All systems go, all the time. That’s the only way DJ Lava gets down.

Solid credentials and a perfectionist’s attitude have allowed Mike D to remain one of the city’s power-player DJs. Remixes he’s done for Cash Out, Kirko Bangz and One Direction have resonated well outside of the cozy confines of the state while his revamped rendition of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” helped the song reach the No.

Groove pallets will be moistened, appetites for the deep and soulful house sound will be whet, courtesy of the one and only Terry Hunter. Hunter broke into the business at age 18 and quickly made a name for himself through the Southside Chi-town house party circuit.

The great thing about being a DJ is that the thrilling effect stays in your blood for life. Out of the nightlife mix for a bit but never too far from his turntables, DJ Seeko still has a profound passion for music.

Pure dedication makes Jaegirl one of the princesses of EDM Hawaii. The Big Island girl’s passion for electronic thump keeps her well-grounded and always ahead of the curve, specializing in banging sets that range from the uplifting to the down and dirty.

If doing it for the love translates to going all out for the culture, as far as cultural merit is concerned for DJs Revise and Une, in island hip hop they trust. The two friends join forces Saturday as decks will be wrecked and a scene will fully unite for a fundraiser-showcase event in support of Na Hokuhanohano Hip Hop Album of the Year nominees Navid Najafi, Tripple Los and Slapp Symphony.

When it comes to injecting creativity into the landscape of music, Wesley “Diplo” Pentz can do some pretty extraordinary things. One of the most credible names in music today, Diplo has a penchant for rocking stadium-sized crowds senseless.

720 is on the decks. Round and round the record goes, the party don’t stop and everyone knows.

If the DJ is the heart that pumps life into a club, the emcee on mic-control is that ever-present voice that reminds revelers to go hard or go home. Going hard has never been an issue for Honolulu’s top party hostess with the mostest, Roxy OTM (On the Mic).

The best passions in life are the ones that are expressed and shared to the world. For Ernie Kanekoa, better known in nightlife pantheons as Bernie’s Diction, music serves as his heart, his pulse and the ideal catalyst for expression.

Being that it’s 4/20 weekend, it might be a no-brainer to shine the Spinzone light on DJ Westafa. His dancehall vibrations and versatile music sensibility would be downright foolish to ignore.

Music empowerment will take center stage in its truest form thanks to the weekend arrival of DJ Empress. Hardcore drum and bass, break-beat and dubstep will form a synergistic holy trinity for the one-year anniversary of Slow and Low, the drum and bass monthly event at Lotus Downtown.

Frenzied fans and hands-in-the-sky moments have become somewhat of the norm when DJ Dirty Secret is in the building. Easily one of the most in-demand DJs right now, her recent impact in nightlife circles has been nothing but secretive.

Toss around titles–co-founder of Beatport, founding father of the mixtape and pioneer of the Chicago house sound–and you get just a taste of the DJ-producer legend, Bad Boy Bill. In a career full of groundbreaking achievements, the Chi-Town native’s power-packed sets–whether it’s a mashed up remix or a sickly produced original with ill-timed scratches–are always the main course he offers for audio-consumption.

The late Larry Levan’s soulful disco grooves at the New York City dance club Paradise Garage mark a time in dance music history that essentially helped pave the way for pop music’s current infatuation with electronic beats and superstar DJs. The folks at Thirtyninehotel intend to bring the distinct vibe of Paradise Garage this Friday with a special one-of-a-kind event to celebrate Levan’s legacy and the famed discotheque he called home.

25th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Chinatown Block Party At Murphy’s Bar And Grill, 2 Merchant St., Sat., 3/17, 12pm Byron the Fur should never be compared to a critter- or rodent-like creature as his DJ namesake suggests.

On house music, DJ and producer Marques Wyatt has been quoted saying it’s more than just a musical genre– it’s like “experiencing God.” Nothing blasphemous about his statement when you hear the Santa Monica native reign his club banging beats at Lotus Downtown this weekend as if from the heavens above. The legendary Wyatt, who’s been spinning in LA clubs since the mid-‘80s, was one of the first during the time to start a house music night.

The notion DJ Rayne is an underrated commodity in local DJ circles may be somewhat true but that immediately dissolves into nothingness once the beat thumping begins. Deeply devoted to his craft, Rayne is a staple of why party people flock to SoHo every First Friday.

Take an electronica music mind trip–no map or GPS required–courtesy of Cali underground favorites Zapper and Datgirl. From builds and breakdowns, all creatively loop and layered, the duo kills it using strictly live hardware, nothing prerecorded, no laptop in sight.

DJ Min-One is at his best when the dance party stakes are at their highest. His San Francisco start led to a successful stint in radio in New York City, before settling back in the islands in 2009.

If you appreciate really great DJs, the folks at Red Bull have a doozy of an event for you. The DJ spotlight will shine ever so brightly on SoHo for the Red Bull Thr3estyle DJ battle competition in what’s becoming the premier international DJ contest of its kind with eight of Oahu’s elite who plan on bringing it for a chance to win a spot at the preliminaries in Los Angeles next month.

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