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Just about everyday, whether we care to admit it or not, our minds are contaminated with crapola disguised as music. A long overdue aural detox is in order courtesy of international phenom John Tejada.

Guaranz Bo Baranz Frazzle

Matt Ratt brings the crowdplay disguised as foreplay simply because it’s the only way. “With an empty dance floor all the time, you might as well be a bedroom DJ,” says one of the 808’s best-kept secrets.

Does Diplo Plank?

The Love Festival, Hawaii’s premiere music festival, got an extremely huge boost back in February when Diplo was announced as this year’s headliner. His def-defying work with Hollertronix (DJ Low Budget) brought underground relevance; 2008’s pop hit “Paper Planes” let the world know of his production swagger, his Mad Decent label and Major Lazer’s offerings further solidified his place among the who’s who of talented music minds of this generation.

Chocolatey Swag & Skill

DJ White Chocolate

DJ White Chocolate / By Hawaii standards, DJ White Chocolate could murk a lot of today’s DJs by knowledge alone. From Afghanistan and Nevada, meet a big time advocate of establishments and club crowds who let the DJ wild out, and who encourages creativeness above all else.

Never Skipping a Beat

DJ Rayne

DJ Rayne / Hawaii’s electronic music family has benefited from the passion that pours out of DJ Rayne. His 15 plus years of owning his craft and impacting the scene makes his take on Hawaii-style electronica spot-on accurate and inspiring.

Are You Worthy?

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Worthy / It’s true, dirty birds of an electronic music feather flock together and in the case of Worthy, yes he destroyed Oahu in May, but he missed Hawaii’s underground faithful so much that he just had to fly back for an encore. His tech house sav meets Bay Area swag will surely incite dance utopias as Indigo and the party people behind Revive opens their doors to the 18 and over set for the very first time.

Through- the-Roof Ambience

DJ Edit

DJ Edit / Not many DJs are capable of talking about music and perpetuating the perception of Hawaii DJs non-stop, all-day long without caffeine enhancement. But if he wanted to, nightlife mainstay DJ Edit could.

Raising the Shock Thumpage

DJ Raf

DJ Raf / From body bumping displays of dance floor bliss to the fostering of positive change, DJ Raf is all about the movement. Since moving to the island from Cincinnati in 2006, he’s been hell bent on raising the hard dance, hard trance and hardcore bar as high as possible.

Summer Night Shenanigans

DJ Vegas Mike

DJ Vegas Mike / Summer party monsters get ready. The nightlife decibels will reach a new octave of sonic brilliance thanks to DJ Vegas Mike.

How the Rock Rocks

After soaking up the sun poolside at the Waikiki Beach Marriott, tanned thrill seekers that need to be further indulged have a place to call their own and a DJ that knows a little something about extending a good thing. Get ready for San Fran’s DJ Hawthorne to get as beat nasty as he wants to be at the Official Bacardi Pool Party after party.

Operation Face Melt

DJ Cozy

DJ Cozy / In the outfit that is music expression, DJ Cozy wears many hats. Each one may be worn a different way, but the pride of Makakilo is known to rock each fitted cap.

Night Life

Among the Cluttered Pool

DJ Revise

DJ Revise / Do you love how hump days jump at the new Lotus Downtown? Do you just hate waiting in line to get into Soho on First Fridays?

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B-ball, Kicks and Beer, Oh yeah!

DJ Trinidad

DJ Trinidad / In his return to the 808, high expectations are familiar territory for DJ Trinidad. Witness the beat mixing and mashing as the former back up dancer for Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot and the Pussycat Dolls zeros in on the dance floor debauchery at The Villa, Saturday night.

Night Life

12th Planet From the Sun

12th Planet
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12th Planet / Creating globalized dance floor uproar, that’s what dubstep rising star 12th Planet does best. Hawaii should expect nothing less from the LA phenom as America’s King of Dubstep headlines Digital Wonderland, the heavily hyped pre-summer electronic music festival at Wet N Wild.

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DJ Nightmarcher
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DJ Nightmarcher / Borndate: 4/20. Status: Beast.

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Providing Ear Yums

Maya Jane Cole

Maya Jane Cole / As Asylum Afterhours continues to celebrate the club’s groundbreaking #60 ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs, (#1 on the West coast and #7 in the US), the parties must go on. The venue that claimed to be “cutting edge” and proved it, is set to provide you a cutting edge slice of house music ear yum, in the way of up and coming British sensation Maya Jane Cole.

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The Techniques of Technique

DJ Technique

DJ Technique / On-point style and next level consistent has always been a DJ Technique trademark. It’s his knowledge and know-how of the lethal-ist kind that puts him in select company as one of the 808’s best.

Night Life

Supplies! (April Fools.)

DJ Shimamura / When Japan was rocked like it had never been rocked before, Happy Hardcore DJ Shimamura felt the effects firsthand at his home in Ibaraki. His friends and family were safe from harm’s way but Shimamura says many others were hard hit by the disasters and the emotional strain still lingers.

Night Life

Big Koa Pimpin’

Big Koa

Big Koa / When it comes to entertaining on the weekend airwaves or lighting the fuse that sets the rooftop ablaze on Wednesday nights at Dave & Buster’s, pimpin’ ain’t easy for 102.7 Da Bomb power host Big Koa. Standing at 6-feet-6 inches and tipping the scales at a burly 275 pounds, the “Big” in Big Koa is a fitting nickname and also extends to his involvement in big promotions, big parties and huge must-see concerts and celebrity events.

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A Warm and Gooey Gate

Cosmic Gate
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Cosmic Gate / After clicking in the late ’90s, Nick Chagall and Bossi have been creators of that crowd-pleasing, filthy feel-good to make them one of the leaders of the current trance revolution. Cosmic Gate headlines a spring break outdoor tripfest at Aloha Tower where melodies bang, minds drench and mental states get buck.

Night Life

Free Hugs from Daddy

DJ Doggfather
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DJ Doggfather / You could easily mistake DJ Doggfather as a big mean bouncer but when it comes to this nightlife veteran, first impressions are a bit deceiving. Infectious on and off the decks, his outgoing upbeat nature could single-handedly steal the show.

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Pulsating Your Insides


S.E.C.T. / Intensify the weekend recovery process with a foursome whose every intent is to pulsate your insides in the name of beat thump rage. S.E.C.T., a collective made up of Soul Clap-pers Sergio Santos and Tanner Ross (pictured above), will be serving up the groove nectar poolside to help you push the dreaded “back to reality Monday” as far away as possible.

Night Life

Wicked Grooves and Savage Bass Lines

Lee Foss

Lee Foss / True, it’s only late February but 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for the dance music-enthused of the 808. When we look back at all the dancing debauchery that took place, Lee Foss rockin’ Honolulu may quite possibly be one of the major reasons why.

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Dance Funk Pleasures

JJ Flores
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JJ Flores / Need a reason to start your weekend a wee bit early? JJ Flores is about to kill Soho and he needs witnesses to the carnage.

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The Eskae Craze

DJ Eskae
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DJ Eskae / Honolulu has always had a thing for DJ Eskae. From his signature Soul Clap party at thirtyninehotel to big bikini-filled poolside bashes, Eskae is one fellow who always brings the audible dope-ness.

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