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CENTER OF SOUTH EAST ASIAN STUDIES / A night out to the movies, from tickets to popcorn and a drink, can cost $20–or more if you decide to splurge on a film in IMAX 3-D. On Wednesdays, why not go to the movies for free? The Center for South East Asian Studies (CSEAS) hosts free film screenings 6:30pm every Wednesday at the Korean Studies auditorium on the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This film series is made up of films from Southeast Asia. CSEAS students and faculty translate the films into English from Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Tagalog. Paul Rausch, the center’s associate director, says, “The idea behind this weekly series is to highlight Southeast Asian filmmakers and their films that are rarely seen outside Southeast Asia.” Rausch encourages people to join CSEAS’s e-mail list to get updates about upcoming films. Besides film screenings, CSEAS also hosts speaker series and lectures, as well as music and theater events, which are all free and open to the public. Currently, CSEAS is co-sponsoring Cham: Syncretic Islamic Communities in Vietnam and Cambodia, a free exhibit at the East-West Center Gallery at Burns Hall.

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