Sustainability Guide 2011

Sustainability Guide 2011 / Good things are happening on Hawaii’s green front. A critical mass of citizens, farmers, new non-profit groups and networks is moving ahead locally. In the past few years, we have seen new organizations emerge including Kanu Hawaii, The Green House, Ulupono Initiative, Blue Planet Foundation, Kokua Hawaii Foundation and most recently, the Hawaii Food Policy Council.

The bad news is that our Legislature seems stuck in the mud with regard to many green initiatives, including the establishment of a Sustainability Council, originally proposed in 2008. This Council would have set and monitored benchmarks for water use, solar power, gasoline consumption, agricultural production and more. Too bad that our legislative bodies suffer from a lack of leadership in this crucial area.

But as the price of oil continues to climb, we will be forced into changing how we use and create energy. Local agriculture will be more competitive with mainland products as freight costs soar.

Here at the Weekly, we once again focus our community’s attention on what one person can do to support a greener, smarter, more energy-efficient island. With this, our eighth annual Sustainability issue, we want to inspire you to try out new ideas and projects that may cut your energy bill, better your health and expand your world.

A big mahalo to our Sustainability Guide sponsors–Kamehameha Schools and The Gas Company. They made it possible to provide a bigger and better guide for your enjoyment and edification this spring.