Sustainability Guide 2011

Pegge Hopper Gallery
Green/house/Divided by Esther Pullman.


Sun, Apr 30

Pegge Hopper Gallery / Pegge Hopper Gallery unveiled its newest exhibition, one with a sustainable theme, entitled Green/house/Divided by Esther Pullman.

Pullman, who’s been photographing greenhouses for over 10 years, displays large-scale photographic images of the edifices shot in America and Europe with a multi-panel format.

Assembled in the gallery, the size and proportions of these vivid photographs adequately mimic that of their unique subject matter. However, continue to linger and find the divided polyptch assemblage brings to light their more overlooked features — vents, fans, hoses and pipes — the machinery that brings them to life. More than just fine composition, Green/house/Divided calls to our attention the cycle and co-dependency interplaying within these green microcosms allowing for a condensed look at light and dark, life and death, renewal and decay.

Absorb Pullman’s cultivated talent for romanticizing the mechanics of these buildings on a further rumination on how man and nature interact in these synthetic utopias for horticulture.

Pegge Hopper Gallery, 1164 Nuuanu Ave., runs through Sat 4/30, 524-1160