People / Best reinvention of the cassette tape: Travis Wiggins, My Favorite Thangs

A lone cassette tape makes its way to the Weekly mailbox. It’s covered in Simpson motif. We spent a week trying to find a machine to play it. Well worth the wait.

Check him out on []

Best convenience store where service still comes with a smile: Mako’s Mart

The intersection of Ward Avenue and Beretania Street offers a beacon of hope to fuel seeking motorists in the form of a glowing red Mako’s Mart sign. Besides offering 76 Gasoline and a warm greeting at the door, they are also known for their ham and cheese croissant sandwiches and spam musubis.

882 S. Beretania St., open 24/7, 536-1625

Readers’ Picks

Best Local Twitterer

Christa Wittmier (winner)

Ryan Ozawa (runner-up)

“It better not be frikkin Ryan Ozawa. He’s so 2004.” (you said it)

Best Local, Intellectually Sophisticated Blogger

Ian Lind (winner)

Catherine Toth (runner-up)

Best Socialite That’s Not Super CW

Kim K (winner)

Paul Klink (runner-up)

Best Celebrity Encounter

Daniel Dae Kim (winner)

“Johnny Depp at Heeia Pier” (runner-up)

“Sharing a table with Elton John and Ozzy Osborne at Kahala Brunch” (you said it)

“I escorted Richard Dreyfus and his wife to the airport while volunteering at HIFF. Kick. Ass.” (you said it)

Best Local DJ

DJ Devon Nekoba (winner)

dj mr. nick (runner-up)

Best Local Chef

Alan Wong (winner)

Andreanne Marchand, Ed Kenney, & Roy Yamaguchi (runners-up, tie)

Best Local Sports Figure

BJ Penn (winner)

Shane Victorino (runner-up)

Best Local Hipster

Carl Sholin (winner)

Ara Laylo & “Your mom” (runners-up, tie)