Politics / Best evidence that Mufi never left: Peter Carlisle

Remember a year ago when ex-Mayor Mufi Hannemann was soundly defeated by now Gov. Abercrombie in the gubernatorial race, and his faithful lieutenant Kirk Caldwell was handily beat by prosecutor (and now mayor) Peter Carlisle to replace Hannemann in the special election? Remember thinking that Mufi was gone and good riddance?

Well, surprise, surprise! Apparently, Carlisle can’t quit Hannemann or the smelly messes the Tall One left behind. Instead, our new mayor (and his administration) seems to embrace them–Mufi’s nearly 50-year-old, $5 billion-plus, heavy-rail transit plan; Kyo-ya’s illegal beach castle proposal for Waikiki, and the Mormon Church’s traffic-busting “Envision Laie” plan to double the size of Laie Town by sprawling onto Malaekahana ag lands next door.

As Carlisle told Civil Beat last year, he leaves most development issues “in the hands of the experts” in the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) but volunteered that he believes development “is the future of the islands,” and that the desire to protect land from development is outdated, especially when development can generate revenue for the city.

It’s like waking up from a nightmare, only to realize you’re in another one.

There’s a bitter joke making the rounds that Carlisle’s DPP under Hannemann-appointee David Tanoue, who made his career as a lawyer, not a planner, should be renamed the Department of Permitting and Permitting. It’s sort of funny, until it’s not. With real, honest-to-gosh planning out the window, what can Oahu expect in the next decade? Ask Hannemann.


Best Idea For/Against Rail

For: “Right Rail”

For: “It’s long overdue.”

For: “Ummm, we’re a 21st Century major metro, right?”

Against: “It’s going to suck every tax dollar we have.”

Against: “Mothball this expensive hoax.”

Against: “Call it the Mongoose Train, cuz it won’t work and we don’t need it.”

Best New Law

Civil Unions (winner)

“ha, ha, ha” & “no stinky people on the bus” & “Let the roaches live law” (You said it)

Best Akaka Replacement

Rep. Ed Case (winner)

Rep. Mazie Hirono (runner-up)

Best Local Republican

Rep. Cynthia Theilen (winner)

Rep. Charles D’Jou (runner-up)

“I don’t understand the question” (You said it)

“Are you kidding me, really, are you kidding me?” (You said it, again)

“Mike Gabbard, there’s a joke in there…” (And, again)

Best Local Democrat

Rep. Ed Case & Gov. Neil Abercrombie (tie)

Brian Shatz (runner-up)

“Sam Sloan, really he’s just in disguise.” (You said it)

Best Politician to Swoon Over

Rep. Ed Case (winner)

Rep. Chris Lee (runner-up)

Biggest Problem Honolulu Faces

Homelessness (winner)

Education (runner-up)

“J walking fines while meth addicts get naked” (You said it)