Cover Story continued

Miss Julie

Strindbergs game of class, power and seduction arrives in a new adaptation by Lacey Perrine Chu in a seductive new location: Indigos Opium Den. Notable: it’s Shanghai with cheongsams, not Sweden with dirndls.

Indigo, now through 9/24, []

The 39 Steps

Mirth & murder mix in this stage adaptation of Hitchcocks classic thriller. Notable: Four actors play 150 characters (some die).

Manoa Valley Theatre, now through 9/25, []

Cane Fields Burning

Local playwright Kemuel DeMoville spins a ghostly tale of a Hawaii plantation curse stickier than Thai rice. Notable: in Noh-style theatre. Waki right in and shite a while.

Kumu Kahua Theatre, now through 10/9, []

Oedipus the King

The eyes have it. Oh, yes, this play was Freud’s source for the complex, but mothers aside, it’s still a powerful tale of hubris. Notable: set within modern times and a corporate setting.

Leeward Community College, 11/11–11/19, []

The Futrelle-ogy: Dearly Beloved / Christmas Belles / Southern Hospitality

Are all Southern belles dingalings? You’ll have three chances to find out as The Actors’ Group bring the Futrelle sisters of Fayro, Texas, into town with three riotous comedies. Notable: performed in repertory–for non-theater folks that means “in rotation.”

The Actors’ Group, 11/4–12/4, []