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Opening in Oct., fall hours TBA

Like an airport itself, the creative team at Interisland Terminal always has multiple projects in the air. Their latest endeavor, scheduled to take flight this fall, is R&D, a “shared space for Honolulu’s creative community” stationed in Kakaako’s warehouse district.

The ambitious part-espresso bar, part-bookstore, part-DIY studio/office takes the so-common-to-become-mechanically-rote “Research & Development” stage of nearly every business with the intention of turning the integral stage in on itself (the “R” in it’s logo is supposed to be upside-down).

Happenings on R&D’s itinerary include a regular “Book Talks” guest speaker series featuring creative professionals on both the local and the international level and opportunities for groups like Young Architects Forum to hold meetings. Considering the forward-thinking functions set to take place at this streamlined hub of resources, the free Wifi and Morning Glass Coffee selection of Stumptown and Hawaii-grown beans feel like the rewarding and solid staples punching this creative manual together.

Q&A with Wei Fang, art/design director


This is a bit like a marathon, from identifying a space to fundraising to finalizing design and now construction and a lot of logistics. But every time we start to tire, someone shows up with some Gatorade or an energy bar.

Why this space and now?

On the one hand, our creative community has been short of spaces like R&D for some time now. And it seems like the need gets more pronounced as time goes by: the death of Borders, the continued challenges our arts community faces, the fact that there are so many really great small groups developing creative and innovative projects that could use a home-base like R&D. On the other, the timing was right, for [Interisland Terminal], as an organization, to take on a larger, longer-term project. We have the means to pull all the elements together, so there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Who’s the ideal individual for R&D?

Someone looking for a boost to their productivity and maybe in need of some inspiration.

Good design is…

A hard question. Right now it feels like a labored process, but if it’s good design it will look elegant, exciting and effortless.