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Honolulu Furniture Company

Grand opening on Fri., Sept. 30

It’s been over a year since we checked in with Thorben Wuttke of Forward Thinking Furniture, and there’ve been some major developments in the interim. Partnering with Doug Gordon, former vice president of Martin & MacArthur’s furniture production, the two launched Honolulu Furniture Company last April.

Their new venture remains true to what distinguished Wuttke’s work apart from other Hawai’i designed furnishings–clean classic construction that uses locally salvaged trees and reclaimed materials, but in a larger context. The newer, bigger workspace/showroom features four multifunctional lines (classic, commercial, contemporary and forward thinking) that hope to set a new standard for quality and green innovation. Currently, it’s a signature Hawaiian lounge set made from monkeypod and koa–a modern reimagining of classic Island sittings–something we’ve hardly seen produced locally at this scale in 2011.

Honolulu Furniture Company, 527 Cummins St., to attend grand opening RSVP by Tue., 9/27 at [email: honolulufurniturecompany], 597-9193