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No one said that going shi-shi and doo-doo in the toilet for the first time would be easy, they just said it would be worth it. For keiki like three-year-old Pua–Debbie Mason’s star character in Pua and the Big White Lua–using a toilet is worse than changing a diaper. Pua can’t believe the words coming out of her mommy’s mouth: “I think the time has come my dear and darling Pua, to wear your big-girl undies and to use the bathroom lua.”

Recalling the miscellaneous items swallowed by the toilet–car keys, her mommy’s ring, her daddy’s tie and a stinky old banana, Pua attempts to hide from the monster that will surely gobble her up, suck her into the lua’s portal, and drop her off at some faraway place like Tahiti. Will Pua overcome her fear of the hungry lua or will she continue to relieve herself in the comfort of diapers? Find out by reading this with the whole ohana.

Pua and the Big White Lua
by Debbie Dia Mason
Bess Press
Hardcover 16 pgs
For Keiki and their parents