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Hawaiian Sudoku
by Delwyn Higa
Mutual Publishing
Paperback 160 pgs
For everyone

Tired of the old, boring squares that hold your precious numbers? Pineapples, poi pounders, honus, and volcanoes add new twists to your old favorite Sudoku puzzles. Delwyn Higa brings new life to Sudoku with Hawaiian flair: puzzles in the shapes of Pahu drums, surfboards, and hibiscus. Higa takes it up another creative notch, saying aloha to traditional square grids and welcoming the new intriguing circular puzzles. Your eyes will say mahalo to the new visual treat.

With 120 puzzles, Hawaiian Sudoku will keep your problem-solving juices flowing, helping you through those long airplane flights or while you wait for the kids to finish school, soccer practice, volleyball tournaments, never-ending history lectures. The puzzles are too good to resist! Mutual Publishing and Delwyn Higa encourage you to “think outside the box.”