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Cleaning up dirty hippies one bar at a time!
Image: Courtesy Filthy Farm Girl

Filthy Farm Girl Soap

Gretchen Wetzel had a real problem with soap. Her friends called her a “dirty hippie,” a “filthy farm girl,” and that fun-loving name calling, which derived from her working on an organic tomato farm, soon became the impetus for an incredibly successful line of body products.

“She had sensitive skin and had problems with the chemicals in soap,” says company co-founder Devin Asch. “The dirty farm girl thing started as a joke, really, but sure enough, here we are four and half years later…on a busy day, we made a thousand bars.”

These bars of soap made their way to Borneo, Singapore, Japan and Australia from Hawaii, where they’re manufactured. (Small bars retail for $3, large for $8.) Asch says the only memorable criticism they’ve received is from a marketing “expert” who said the company name was too risqué, and their ability to succeed was doubtful. When the woman later found their products strewn throughout boutiques all over the Islands, she later apologized.

“We started out with flavors like “Loopy Lavender” and “Chicky Citrus,” Asch says. “But our guy friends said they felt a little weird about using them. So we came up with the Filthy Lumberjack character, and once we had him, we realized everything was potentially filthy.”

They’ve just recently launched their newest line of soap called Filthy Balls. Get it?–Christmas ornaments with a fruited scent.

“The naughty ones are our most popular,” he says. “Our Filthy Hula Girl is a nice one, made from jasmine and pikake. It says ‘Remove grass skirt until naked.’”

Filthy Farm Girl’s products are 100 percent natural; they’re never tested on animals and contain no animal products. They kindly leave out detergents, and other “yucky stuff” and add in a little naughty humor for our bathing pleasure. They grow and harvest most of their herbs and spices, and support local farmers whenever possible.

“Our soap isn’t just about getting clean, it’s about loving your body and the earth.”

So the next time you’re looking for that special, vegan or kosher gift, think about the Filthy Cock Peppermint Soap. They claim, “it’s extra filthy,” and the rooster on the package seems to agree.

Find them at: CHAI Studio, 675 Auahi St., 536-4543
Owens & Co., 1152 Nuuanu Ave., [], 531-4300
Whole Foods, 4211 Waialae Ave., 738-0820