Food Notes

Food Notes
Savas Mojarrad: Whereʻs the restaurant already?
Image: laurie v. carlson

Food Notes / No, it still hasn’t opened, but there are finally stirrings of life at Savas Mojarrad’s new joint at 2970 E. Manoa Road. After more than three years of construction and remodeling, things look just about ready to pop. The hand-painted tiles and the hand-blown glass light fixtures are up. The rotisserie is in place. Cash registers, pots and pans have been ordered. Menus are being planned. Staff is being trained.

People who tired of asking when this place will open can finally relax and begin to anticipate. The spot is not yet named but will feature three Mediterrean cuisines–Moroccan, Spanish and Greek. The concept will be self-service, as at the Olive Tree, to keep prices affordable And knowing Savas, the food will be good. A further bonus– this building has been outfitted with a gallizon photo voltaic panels which will support kitchen and dining operations and make it a very environmentally friendly place.

Watch for the opening this month. We think. We hope.