Food Notes

Food Notes
Porchettaaboutit, as they say at The Whole Ox.
Image: laurie v. carlson

Food Notes / The Whole Ox is putting a whole new spin on local meat by providing Honolulu with brined, smoked and grilled marvels.

Later this month, the Ox’s deli case will be featuring their Island-grown pancetta for home use. The lardo will take a a bit longer–four months to create this Italian delicacy. Pastrami production has been somewhat of a train wreck–more demand than available animal parts. Kahuluu’s Shinsato Farms pork is smoked for 24 hours, then used in pork sandwiches. The pork belly and loin is used to create the classic Italian porchetta by brining then roasting huli huli-style. Pig heads are made into scrapple and head cheese and the offal is transformed into terrines.

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