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Sake: Sip and learn at The Sake Shop.
Image: laurie v. carlson

Nadine and Malcolm Leong opened their tidy little shop on South King Street in 2010. This local couple, intrigued by the rich tradition of sake, had visited Japan several times. Nadine wanted to start her own business, one that would give her more flexibility as a mom. Meanwhile, Malcolm took a week-long professional sake course in Las Vegas which got him geared up for the the next steps.

The Sake Shop has an extensive inventory of sake–more than 150 different varieties. Nadine holds tastings a couple of times a month, usually on a Saturday afternoon. These are hosted by a representative from a sake brewery, sometimes the brewer himself.

Nadine’s favorite variety is Kimoto Yamahai which comes from an older style of brewing using natural fermentation and open barrels, producing a richer and more complex taste. She can introduce you to various styles and favors, directing you to the ones that suit your palate best.

You can buy sake at lots of places on this island, but if you want to really learn about rice wine, this is the place to come.

The Sake Shop 947-7253 1461 S.King St.