Best Community

Best Community / Best Public Meeting Space

Starbucks Ward Center

Starbucks on Auahi Street and Ward Avenue, where meetings of all sorts go down daily in air-conditioned comfort.

Probably one of the busiest on the island, the Ward location always seems to have available seating indoors or outside.

Starbucks, 949 Auahi St., 589-2012

Best Missed Connection of Summer

Longs Drugs Kahala

Craigslist “missed connections” is like an online The Notebook that writes itself.

After reading through every “mc,” from all w4m/m4m/m4w/w4w categories from this summer, we selected:

You Said Hi Tonight at Long’s Kahala — w4m — 51 (Kahala)

Date: 2012-07-12, 8:48PM HST

I walked in Long’s Kahala about 6:20 PM Tonight (Thurs) and you were in the check out lane…You said HI…and I said HI….then when I was in check out lane you were again in check out lane behind me and we turned and looked at one another once again. Could it be fate….please respond if you find this and I PRAY you do.

Obviously, nothing gets more local than a missed connection in a Longs Drugs store.

Best place to use free wi-fi

Corner plaza, King and Bishop Streets

Grab your computer and head to the seating area in front of the Cades Schutte Building. Consider this the wi-flyest, semi-secret spot in Honolulu. You got eleven tables and a connection that is “Usain Bolt fast,” and according to a security guard, runs 24/7.Depending on where you sit, there might be a glare from the sun, but there’s always an umbrella or roof overhead. —

1000 Bishop St.

Runner-Up: Fresh Cafe

Best public restroom in downtown

HNL District Court

Downtown Honolulu has a plethora of options. Public bathrooms just aren’t one of them.

Consider District Court on Alakea Street to be your new savior in disguise. Walk through the metal detector and wait for the elevator; you’re pretty much home free. There are accessible restrooms on just about every floor and the lavatories also receive high marks for cleanliness and safety. If it’s the weekend and after 4:30 pm, you’re on your own. —

District Court, 1111 Alakea St.

Best Chinatown Parking Improvement

Coin-less Meters

On behalf of Everyone Searching for Some Loose Quarters, Nickels and Dimes In-Between Their Passenger Seat Cushions at This Very Moment, we’d like to say: ABOUT TIME.

At the end of August, the city’s pilot project of replacing coin-only meters with super snazzy solar-powered SmartMeters that accept debit and credit cards has made its way into Chinatown, and the year 2012, finally. Of course if you still want to be retro and pay by coin, you don’t need pull up in a DeLorean (another kind of time machine) for that because you still can.

The meters, which don’t store any of your card info on them, will also allow you to add additional minutes through your mobile phone.

A total of 231 meters around Downtown and Chinatown streets, accepts Visa and Mastercard, []

Best Green Small Business Upgrade

Sustainable Cash Registers

Going paperless when it comes to cash machines is a pretty green move for businesses that isn’t as uncommon as it once was. Now it’s time to take it to the next step like vegan favorite Peace Cafe and designer Thorben Wuttke of Honolulu Furniture Company, who’ve collaborated on a custom iPad stand made from reclaimed wood. Streamlined in terms of style and customer convenience, it’s gorgeous.

Peace Cafe, 2239 S. King St., 951-7555, Honolulu Furniture Company, 527 Cummins St., 597-9193



Because of the big trees, the gardens, the top staff, professional and otherwise, and the Hawaiian ethos. Exception: the billing office.

Best beach shower

Winner: Ala moana

Runner-up: Makapuu

Worst county facilities

Winner: All beach parks

Runner-up: Ala moana

Best snorkel spot besides haunama bay

Winner: Shark’s cove

Runner-up: Three tables

Best outrigger canoe club

Winner: Waikiki Outrigger club

Worst-polluted waterway

Winner: Ala wai canal

Best public library

Winner: Hawaii State library

Runner-up: Manoa Library

Best free local app for an iPad/iPhone

Winner: Hawaii News Now

Runner-up: The Bus

Best reason to live in Honolulu

Winner: The weather

Runner-up: The people