Best Food & Drink

Best Food & Drink / Best pupu/early meal

Hiroshi’s Eurasian Tapas

Everyone loves a half-price deal, and a gourmet two-in-one makes it even sweeter. For early bird eating, nothing beats sitting at the bar of Hiroshi or Vino, getting plates from both restaurants at half price. From the kitchen under Chef Hiroshi Fukui’s direction, you’ll get one of Honolulu’s richest and most diverse menus for locally sourced seafood as well as locally farmed meats and vegetarian plates. Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya ensures complementary and equally distinctive wines.

The offer’s good from 5:30 to 6:30 daily, but best to get there early, since there’s often a line by 5:15 and there are only 14 seats at either bar. Reservations are not accepted for this early deal, and check the website before you hele on down to make sure it’s on.

500 Ala Moana Blvd., [], 533-4476

Best late happy hour

Roy’s Hawaii Kai Patio Paina

Another reason we’re lucky we live Honolulu: We’ve got the original Roy’s. Ask any local gourmand, and odds are one of their fave pasttimes is making a meal of Roy’s Patio Paina pupu deal. Why? You get any appetizer on the regular menu for $6. And the service is as friendly and welcoming as if you were upstairs blowing half the rent on a full dinner.

You won’t find the Patio Paina at any other Roy’s, says general manager Zameer Mallal, adding that all the Hawaii Roys’ have different menus than their mainland cousins.

The twist: It’s a late, midweek pupu special, running from 8-9:30pm Tue., Wed. and Thu. nights.

Roy’s Hawaii Kai, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy., 396-7697

Best New Cocktail

Pint & Jigger Smoking Gun

If you want a good drink, get it from a drinker. Dave Newman likes his cocktails stiff and brown, and tasting like liquor. None of this fancy fruity stuff, although I have seen him make a damn pretty cocktail in my day. The Smoking Gun at his new spot Pint & Jigger’s secret to success isn’t the premium Corzo tequila but the blood orange, lilikoi and smokey salted macadamia nut rim. It’s the tequila drink for people who might still be afraid of tequila. Or a tequila drink for people who love tequila. Whichever.

1936 S King St., 744-9593