Best Food & Drink

Best Food & Drink / Best-priced organic local grocery store

Celestial Natural Foods

As the only health food store serving Oahu’s Central and North Shore residents since 1974, Celestial Natural Foods packs in a wide variety of affordable organic produce (much of it locally grown), natural foods, supplements, green body and household products, and bulk herbs–price tags here are actually cheaper than Whole Foods.

66-445 Kamehameha Hwy., 637-6729

Best local grass-fed beef

Maui Cattle Co.

Mad cow disease and global warming are just a couple good reasons to know where your meat comes from. Not only is it safer, healthier and more humane to eat local, grass-fed meat from animals that aren’t treated with antibiotics, but it leaves a smaller carbon footprint. In 2002, six independent family-owned ranches, spanning over 60,000 acres of prime grazing land, joined together to found Maui Cattle Company, seeking a sustainable ranch by keeping their livestock on an exclusive grass diet. Many restaurants throughout the Islands use Maui Cattle Co. beef for fine burgers and steaks, but folks can also grill it up at home by purchasing through select Foodland, Longs Drugs and Whole Foods stores, or straight from the source.

[], 120 W. Kane St., 877-0044

Best local eggs

Tin Roof Ranch organic

An organic rainbow of blue, green, brown and white eggs in reused cartons visually ensure that Tin Roof Ranch’s chickens are raised right. When Luann Casey and Gary Gunder adopted 25 chickens, fed them only organic food and let them wander freely in their pasture across the street from Chun’s Reef, they quickly began producing at least 100 eggs daily–a number that has since doubled. Their organic eggs are now available at Kokua Market in Honolulu in addition to their regular booth at Haleiwa Farmers’ Market, which is now held in Waimea Valley on Thursdays, 3-7pm.

Tin Roof Ranch, 778-9065

Best Spot to Buy Organic Produce While Waiting On A Pizza To Go

The Tomato Lady, Haleiwa

How many places can you buy three gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, a bag of sprouts and a bag of greens, and a squash for six bucks? Safeway is as speechless as you are.

Sadly, this “Best Of” pick will soon be changing locations, thanks to its parking lot landlord who’s raising the rent.

But for at least a few more weeks, those interested in some of the summer’s best organic produce, preserves and pickled things, not to mention made-while-you wait fried green tomatoes and fresh pesto pizza, can find this Tomato Lady, her booth and bus located in the shopping plaza parking lot near Kai Ku Hale and Pizza Bob’s in Haleiwa Town. And soon, the Tomato Lady may be bussing it over to the new and improved Waialea Farmers’ Market on weekends.

Approximately 66-145 Kamehameha Hwy.

Best Asian Store

Don Quijote

Where else can you buy shiso leaves, electric fans and tororo (Japanese yams) all in one store? Not to be mistaken for Don Quixote, this discount chain store sells basic Asian groceries you can’t find at Safeway. Yes, Don Quijote feels kinda shady and overcrowded with products, and you can barely read all the hiragana (or is it katakana?), but they carry everything you need at a cheap price. Also, be sure to try the little gyoza shop on your way out. Oishii dumplings, FTW!

801 Kaheka St., [], 973-6667

Runner-up: Shirokiya