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Best political blog

Winner: Civilbeat

Runner-up: Ian Lind

Worst city council member

Winner: Tom Berg

Runner-up: Nestor Garcia

Best OHA trustee

Winner: John Waihee IV

Runner-up: Haunani Apoliona

Best successor to Inouye

Winner: Mazie Hirono

Runner-up: Linda Lingle

Worst excuse to cut THE BUS service

Winner: Rail

Runner-up: Money

Best reason not to rezone prime farmland for housing

Winner: Sustainability

Runner-up: Pollution

Worst campaign:

Winner: Ben Cayetano

Runner-up: Mufi Hannemann

Best environmental watchdog group

Winner: Sierra Club

Runner up: Surfrider Foundation

Best water-saving tip

Winner: Shorter showers

Best energy-saving tip

Winner: Turn off lights when not using

Biggest hurdle to installing PV

Winner: Cost

Best electric or hybrid vehicle

Winner: Nissan LEAF

Runner-up: Prius

Worst proposed new landfill site

Winner: Kailua

Runner-up: North Shore

Best whistleblower

Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition

A recent campaign asking Kamehameha Schools, Hawaii’s largest private landowner, to evict Monsanto from their Ag land has been accompanied by on-site demonstrations along Kunia Road and a video, “Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawaii” produced by the Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition. The Coalition’s mission is to end GMO chemical warfare in Hawaii, which they assert has been going on for the last 25 years via GMO field trials on valuable Ag land. The Coalition is mixing classic activism (demonstrations on the street) with neo-activism (viral videos and social media outlets) to spark much needed dialogue and invoke change. —

Best City Councilmember

Ann Kobayashi.

Runner-up: Romy Cachola

Best Most Corrupt City Councilmember

Nestor Garcia

Best-elected enemy of the environment

Donovan de la Cruz