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Take a bite of this. Strong flavors comfortably arrange themselves on your palate, and you’re happy, because these fried and greasy dishes make your bar experience that much better.

1. Home Bar and Grill

People gush about Home Bar and Grill’s garlic chicken ($8), but they rave about the tater tots nachos ($9): tater tots doused with sour cream, jalapeños, bacon and salsa. The garlic chicken is fabulous, too. Crispy and golden, the chicken is served in small pieces over a bed of cabbage. Both dishes are large enough to share, and aggressively seasoned to pair well with beer.

1683 Kalakaua Ave., 2pm–2am daily, 942-2237

2. Side Street Inn

Both Side Street Inn locations might seem small and inconspicuous from the outside, but the restaurant/bars open into huge, comfortable spaces with a full bar and tables facing TVs. It’s the perfect place for a dinner out with friends to watch a game, celebrate a party or just unwind with good company and possibly even better food. The self-proclaimed da’ famous pan-fried island pork chops ($22) and da’ signature “Side Style” fried rice ($12.50) earn their fame. Since this is local style comfort food, portions make it impossible not to share.

1125 Hopaka St., 2pm–2am daily, 591-0253; 614 Kapahulu Ave., 3pm–12am daily, []

3. Café Duck Butt

Okay, so we all still crack a smile at this karaoke bar’s name, but drink some yogurt soju and order food and you’ll be one of many loyal Butt customers. They’re known for the seafood pancake ($15) and Korean tacos ($12 for 3, $4 additional), and are also famous for their Korean-style house fried chicken ($15) and spicy mochi ($15).

901 Kawaiahao St., 593-1880