Artist Mayumi Oda strives to know herself through art

Culture / An artist’s self-exploration and growth is fascinating, especially when you can see it in serigraph form. Mayumi Oda lives vicariously through her work, and this book documents 45 years of her life. She tried her hand at different styles, including colorprinting and silkscreen techniques, but all of her art is colorful, curious and playful.

The book showcases Oda’s different exhibits held around the world. Among the pages is Oda’s art during her time as Artist in Residence at East West Center in 1985. She became fascinated with the Hawaiian ocean after learning scuba diving at Waikiki beach, and created the “Ocean Series,” depicting a vibrant, beautiful diver swimming with fishes through waves.

Pictures of women fill most of these pages. They are semi-nude, but they are strong, because they are not just women, they are goddesses. “Through creating goddesses, I became stronger,” writes Oda in the book’s preface. Goddesses are projections of myself and who I want to be…Through my creative process, I have been creating myself.”

Merciful Sea: 45 Years of Serigraphs, Mayumi Oda

(Robyn Buntin of Honolulu, 2012)

Paperback, 107 pages