Dressed to Skill

Dressed to Skill
RO modeling her menswear
Image: james Cave

Aloha, Partner

Dressed to Skill / Roberta Oaks’ new menswear line is trim and durable; she personally stomped the pearl snaps into her shirts. But that doesn’t mean people will walk all over you. This shirt, called the Long Sleeve Breezy, says you come and go as you please, but take care of business like a tornado. It’s a sweet aloha print with a rugged western cut. Ladies, only buy this shirt for your man if you want other women to give him lusty eyes.

$115, Roberta Oaks, 19 N. Pauahi St., Mon.–Fri., 10am–6pm, Sat., 10am–4pm, 428-1214, [robertaoaks.com]