Delicious Made Easy in Hawai‘i’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook

Children’s / Recipes from Sam Choy, Ed Kenney, Fred DeAngelo, Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong and many more world-renowned chefs from Hawaii empower families to cook homemade meals with ease in Gwendolyn Trowbridge’s Hawaii’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook: Recipes with Aloha for your Growing ‘Ohana.

For all age groups, not just those the title implies, this cookbook is organized well, from First Foods to Family Feasts. In the Foreword, Town owner, chef, and father of two, Ed Kenney urges readers to cook with kids, eat together, and grow food. Recipes are culturally diverse, novice-friendly and celebrate local flavors with chef anecdotes, nutritional information, and where to buy locally grown ingredients interwoven.

Many recipes like Chef Scott Higa’s Chicken Kabocha Pumpkin Pancakes or Chef Sam Choy’s Baby Banana Fritters require only a couple ingredients, a few steps in the kitchen, and result in gourmet taste.

Chef Jackie Lau’s use of Velveeta in her Mac and Cheese recipe contradicts the book’s emphasis on nutritious ingredients and could have been an opportunity for readers to learn how to make a healthier version of this kid favorite. The other missed opportunity: Recipes for teething biscuits or frozen items that might soothe a teething toddler.

The cookbook’s greater theme is not only to connect as a family, but also to connect as community by learning to cook with and thereby purchase fresh, local ingredients. Trowbridge is donating 50 percent of her book sales to MAO Organic Farms education programs that support Hawaii growing its own food.

Hawaii’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook: Recipes with Aloha for your Growing ‘Ohana, Gwendolyn Trowbridge

Mutual Publishing, October 2012

Soft cover, 170 pages, $15.95